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NBA Crossovers

The crossover, a move that looks so simple that anyone can do. Right? You just cross the ball back and forth in front of you and go past the defender. If only it was that easy.

There are a group of players that have refined this move and there game is known for it. Sure, there are a lot of players than have the one or two great crossover that “break the ankles” of the defender guarding them. However, these players cannot do it the extent that the select few who have mastered can.

The first player that comes to mind simply dubbed his move “killer crossover”. This player goes by the name of Tim Hardaway. He has countless highlights of him going by defenders with his quick crossover.

It was a destructive move that not only allowed him to get to the hoop with relative ease, however it was not just two points it was the demoralizing of the defender that hurt even more.

There were times in games that Hardaway would even tell players that it was coming and they still could not defend it. Hardaway turned the NBA crossover from just a juke move to an art form. An art form that is still being tweaked to this day by players around the league. However, only a few have been able to work the crossover like Hardaway did for so many years.

There was a highly touted player who was drafted Number 1 by the 76ers in 1996, and he went by the name of Allen Iverson. He was known for his speed and agility while playing his college ball at Georgetown. There were many people who wondered if his speed would translate well to the NBA game and if he could perfect the NBA crossover.

That question was answered very quickly. In Iverson’s rookie year, he was playing against the Bulls and being guarded by perennial all-defense team member Michael Jordan.

Jordan was a three-time NBA defensive player of the year and was no slouch at guarding anyone, no matter how quick they were. However, on this day with Jordan guarding Iverson, the crowds came to its feet and were ready for this epic showdown.
Iverson went for his crossover and it was so quick that Jordan almost fell backwards unable to guard the quicker Iverson. Iverson dropped back and took 22 foot jumper as the crowd was wowed by what they just saw. Iverson’s legend was set and he went to refine that crossover and many a many people appear on blooper highlights for falling on their backside trying to stop Iverson.

In today’s game there are two players who are known for their crossover skills and are hoping to carry the move over the next 15 years. The two players were both taken in the same draft class and have had their fair share of highlights in just their short time in the league.

These players are Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Even though, they play the same position they play the game much differently, however what they do have in common is the ability to crossover any defender whenever they please.

They each added their own twist to the crossover; however they still have their inspiration from the king of the NBA crossover, Tim Hardaway.


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