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Dwight Howard Biography

In this Dwight Howard biography, we will look at one of the most explosive and dynamic players ever to hit the hardwood floors of the National Basketball Association.

Dwight Howard started out his career in grand fashion by writing down a list of personal goals that he was dedicated to obtaining when he became an adult.

The then eighth-grader has already had two of those goals fulfilled. The first was being the number one pick in the NBA draft; the second was leading his team to a state championship in high school basketball.

Dwight Howard, as a high school basketball player, was dominant yet it was not until he hit the NBA and the professional ranks in which his star really began to shine. Dwight Howard’s continuing excellent professional basketball career started out as a nervous rookie in Orlando. The Orlando Magic had selected him their number one choice in the 2004 NBA draft which was also the number one selection in the entire draft for that year, and the NBA has not been the same ever since.

Born in the State of Georgia and raised by a Georgia Highway Patrolman and his award-winning basketball playing mother, little Dwight took to the game of basketball very early. A star-studded high school career finalized with back to back State Championships games and one win there in Georgia during his senior year, propelled this man-child to prominence and marketability in the NBA.

A Dwight Howard biography would not be complete without mentioning all of this NBA stars career achievements as well as his social gifting throughout all of central and the entire State of Florida.

It would be too easy to list all the accomplishments that Dwight Howard has made during his career in this Dwight Howard biography while in the NBA. The best way to sincerely respond to a life well-lived would be to notate this stars personal contribution to the community. How many biographies for this star center of one of the most popular teams in the NBA are listed now on the Internet?

Too many to wade through yet what many of these lack is the acclaim that Dwight Howard has received for his ongoing philanthropic work with minor school-age children. From opening up his bank account to opening up his heart, Dwight Howard has gone far beyond anything that is required of a role model whose influences touch millions of basketball loving children’s lives each and every day.

Mr. Howard spends time with children who are sick with fatal illnesses as well as visiting the Central Florida neighboring communities to bring both hope and optimism from a huge smile to a world of children that desperately need it.

This biography of Dwight Howard has focused on the man himself as a great distributor of both wealth and life experience to needy children yet his dominance on the basketball court is unmatched. With a fantastic 08-09 NBA season in which he was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year and selected as a First-Team All-Star Defensive Team Player, Dwight Howard’s star is shining brightly.

It the opportunity exists to see Dwight Howard play in person then do not make the mistake of not taking full advantage of that precious gift. It is in great hope that this Dwight Howard biography has shed some light on a man who has probably too much of that already casted upon him, yet from a different, more human perspective.



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