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Retro NBA Jerseys

Clothing styles change it seems almost daily, however there is a clothing trend which has taken over the nation over the last 5 years.

This style not only is very popular with sports fans, but with all types of people from different background. The style is sporting the retro jerseys.

The retro jerseys have become a popular form of attire for the sport fan to show their allegiance to their team. No longer is it only cool to wear a jersey of a current player, it has now become a show of allegiance and a fashion statement to sport your favorite team’s “throwback” jersey.

Whenever I go to a basketball game now, I see more jerseys of players that have been retired for years rather than the current players on the floor.

The NBA has followed this trend of fans wearing Magic Johnson jerseys and Larry Bird old school jerseys and used current players name on retro jerseys. You will now see Kobe Bryant wearing a Minneapolis Lakers powder blue jersey from time to time.

You might see Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls wearing a retro NBA jersey. What this has done is created many more jerseys for which the fan can purchase. They don’t have to wear jerseys with retired players; they can now sport their favorite player with old school designs.

The retro jersey has become such a hit, that now the NBA has created reverse-retro jerseys. What that means is that the NBA has created future jerseys that have a space theme to them. These jerseys have a much sleeker look than anything that exists now and really provide the fan with a really different type of look to sport for their favorite team.

The great thing about retro jerseys is not only the style of the jersey but also the history along with the jersey. The fan wearing a jersey from one of the legends of the game is an incredible compliment to the player.



In the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s the NBA really did not market a jersey for the fan to wear and the ones that they did were very expensive for the normal fan. So what the retro NBA jersey does, is that is allows the legendary player to see people paying respect to the way they played the game.

A lot of former players see this as a huge form of flattery that a fan that was not even old enough to have seen them play is wearing their jersey. The player knows the impact that they made on the game when they see 30 years after they retired a 15-year old kid wearing his jersey.

The retro NBA jersey has been a welcome addition to the professional sports landscape. Whether it is the fan wearing it live at the game or on throwback nights where the team playing will actually be wearing these jerseys.

The retro NBA jersey is nice way to look back on the past successes of the league and the accomplishment by these players. The retro NBA jersey is a great nostalgic touch for any sports’ fan attire.


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