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NBA Draft Projections

Only four teams remain in the playoffs, so the focus has shifted to free agency and the draft for the remaining 26 NBA franchises.

The NBA Draft is especially intriguing for NBA cellar dwellers New Jersey, Minnesota, Sacramento, Washington, and Golden State.

The 2010 NBA Draft lottery will take place June 24, 2010 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. While the Knicks could use the number one selection, their hopes appear to be in signing LeBron James.

Meanwhile, teams like the Nets, T-Wolves, and Wizards could all use help from the lucky balls that bounce inside the draft lottery. The Nets have the best chance at winning the number one pick; however that has rarely guaranteed the worst team in the league the top pick before.

Regardless of who wins the top overall pick, the worst teams in the NBA all appear to have their sights set on one player. Kentucky freshman point guard John Wall. Wall was arguably the best freshman in college basketball last year and along with his potential is the best option in the 2010 class.

While few will argue on the first pick, many experts are divided on the rest of the Top 10. Several NBA Draft projections have Evan Turner of Ohio State going second while others Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech) or Wesley Johnson (Syracuse).

Other plays who are in the majority of everyone’s Top Ten include: Greg Monroe (Georgetown), DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky), Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest), Cole Aldrich (Kansas), Patrick Patterson (Kentucky), and Ed Davis (North Carolina).
The NBA Draft is now less than 45 days away and several people or web sites have produced early NBA draft projections.

1. John Wall Kentucky G

2. Evan Turner Ohio State G/F

3. DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky C

4. Derrick Favors Georgia Tech F

5. Wesley Johnson Syracuse F

6. Donatas Motiejunas Lithuania C

7. Greg Monroe Georgetown F

8. Al-Farouq Aminu Wake Forest F

9. Ed Davis North Carolina F

10. Hassan Whiteside Marshall C

Check back for more information on the 2010 NBA Draft and our very own draft projections.


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