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NBA Minimum Salary

The NBA minimum salary for would rival some Fortune 500 company payrolls! The NBA formulates the current minimum salary range by the number of years a player has been in the league.

The amount of the minimum salary for the NBA has seen exponential rise as in the past 20 years going from 30,000 in 1969 to a 2010 rookie paycheck of $400,000!

Wow! A half a million dollars a year may seem like a load of money for most people, and it really is, but to the NBA basketball player that makes even the slightest ripple in points or rebounds or block shots this would seem like only $10 an hour!

A great way to see how the NBA rewards its players for their years of service in the league and rewards them handsomely is to look at a brief scale.
Years of Service Key to Salary

• Years in NBA

12 Months or Fewer 398,762

• One Year 762,195

• Two Years 854,389

• Three Years 885,120

• Four Years 915,852

• Five Years 992,680

• Six Years 1069,509

The numbers grow exponentially and skyrocket to upwards of 1.25 million dollars each year for those veterans that have 10 or more years in the National Basketball Association. Not bad for a rookie without star status in a league that is adored the world over!

The minimum salary formula rarely becomes challenged and it is easy to see why. How could any athlete argue about making almost one fourth of a million doing something they absolutely love? The NBA players know exactly how much they are getting paid and this is why many of the players donate millions of dollars each year to charitable organizations and other nonprofit activities.

It is within these players, who open their hearts and their wallets so openly to the plight of the fan base, which deserve the NBA minimum salary, and then some.

Some of the older NBA minimum salary requirements ran in the field of $400,000 for a rookie all the way to $1 million for a 10 year veteran. This was the real numbers for the NBA minimum salaries of 2003 to 2005. As many can see there is not much movement and the NBA players have been paid and paid well for decades with the NBA shelling-out billions of dollars each and every season.
An NBA salary is paid by the team owners as much everything else is paid for that the team engages in. This is why NBA team owners need to have very deep pockets and open credit lines to even think about owning an NBA franchise in the year 2010.

The NBA minimum salary formula works and the reason why it works is that it rewards those that stay in the league and creates funds and excitement for millions of fans each and every season.

A half-million starting salary for playing a game that is so fun and adored by so many people on planet earth is a gift in itself for these NBA players.


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