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Miami Heat Info

The Miami Heat joined the NBA in the year 1988, it is a part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference.

They are currently known for their blockbuster trade last summer 2011. They acquired the Superstar Lebron James and Chris Bosh along with the contract extension of Dwyane Wade. The Heat is currently owned by Micky Arson and managed by the Basketball Hall of Famer and former coach Pat Riley. Their home arena is the American Airlines Arena.

History – The Early Years of Miami Heat

The NBA decided to make an addition in their teams in the 1988-1989 season wherein the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets makes their debut.

The NBA chose whether to add Miami or Orlando in the 88-90 season but the NBA chose Miami to enter, and later on the next season the Orlando Magic along with Minnesota Timberwolves. They made a survey whether to name the Miami team as Miami Vice or Miami Heat, the title Heat won and soon became its official name.

In the debut season of the Miami Heat, as expected, they were not exceptionally good because their roster were filled with young developing players.

The first roster of the Miami Heat consists ofRony Seikaly, Kevin Edwards, rookies Grant Long and Sylvester Gray, Rory Sparrow, Jon Sundvold, Pat Cummings, Dwayne Washington, Scott Hastings and Bill Thompson. They lost their first 17 games of the season. They were a part the Midwest Division of the Western Conference that time. They finished the season with 15-67 win-loss record, the league-worst that season and second in franchise.

In 1989, the Miami Heat picked the sharpshooter Glen Rice in the first round of the NBA Draft in 1989. They also got Sherman Douglas in the second round. That season, they were transferred to play to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference where they remained for the next 15 seasons. They still had a hard time that season and finished only 18-64.

In the next season they got Willie Burton and Alec Kessler, the 9th and 12th pick of the Draft. Both players disappoint the Miami Heat as Kessler was plagued with injuries and Burton was played as a shooting guard wherein college he was a small forward. They finished the season 24-58.

They selected Steve Smith in the 1991 NBA Draft to help the Miami Heat improve. As Smith, Rice and Seikaly leading the team, the Heat finally finished fourth place in the Atlantic Division with a 38-44 record and also qualified for the playoffs for the first time. They faced the Chicago Bulls and got swept in 3 games.

In 1992-93 NBA season, they added Harold Miner and center John Salley. Salley was a part of the Detroit Pistons who won two NBA titles before, and expect him to be a key player for the Heat. But he was not fit to the Miami Heat roster which results him to play lesser minutes and later on taken to the Toronto Raptors. They finished the season with 36-46 record but did not make it to the playoffs.
In their next season, they had a complete roster with less injuries and had a winning record at the end of the season with 42-40. They made it to the playoffs as the 8th seed but lost to the Atlanta Hawks.

The 1994-95 season, the heat traded Seikaly, Smith and Grant Long in exchange for Kevin Willis and Billy Owens.

Miami Heat Oneal Wade and 2010 Free Agency

The Miami Heat –Mourning and Hardaway Era


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