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Biography of Lebron James

This is the unauthorized biography of Lebron James:) He’s easily the most dominant and one of the greatest players in the world.

In the NBA, it’s Lebron and Kobe on an even level. Kobe has more experience, more titles, and a few more accolades but Lebron matches him statistically on any given night.

Even more impressive is the fact that Lebron isputting up these crazy numbers at such an early age and his team is only getting better.

The Biography of Lebron James: “You think you know, but you have no idea.”

Lebron James was born on December 30, 1984. James was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. His mother, Gloria James was only 16 at the time of his birth. His father, Anthony McClelland was not around much in Lebron’s early or late years. He was a former con who just couldn’t seem to find the appropriate road in life.

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Lebron was raised alone by his mom, and to attribute thanks to her love and support, Lebron still goes by his mother’s maiden name of James.

Life was not exactly easy for Lebron James growing up. The biography of his life includes a difficult upbringing due to his mother struggling to keep steady work and a consistent place of residence.

Amazingly, the number of years Lebron and his mother spent traveling around Akron, was on the footstep of what would later become Lebron’s first and so far, only NBA team.

Some players are just born naturally gifted to basketball. Lebron James was obviously one of those people. At an early age he displayed natural instincts and talent for the game of basketball and while his mother was only 5’5, Lebron had the natural body built for a basketball player.

By middle school, Lebron had found his calling through sports. Sports helped him keep a close connection even when a move to another apartment was just a month or year away. Football and basketball became his favorites. Lebron grew up watching Michael Jordan and started to pattern his game around the legendary star.

Football came very natural to Lebron, as he stared as a wide receiver all through adolescence.

Through football, Lebron also met Frankie Walker, a man who serves a huge influence over Lebron James’ life. Walker knew about Lebron’s struggles in an unstable living environment and his recent lost of interest in school. Walker met with Ms. James and they both agreed on allowing Lebron to move in with his family for awhile.

The move really helped get Lebron’s life back on track, providing discipline and some great friends through Walker’s three children. Probably if it wasn’t for Walker this biography of Lebron James wouldn’t have existed.

By the time Lebron hit high school, he immediately made an impact on the football and basketball programs. In his first high school basketball game, Lebron scored 15 points for the varsity team. He was only 6’3 at the time, but it was clear James was going to turn out very special.

By the end of the season, his high school team finished with a perfect record and a state title. Even as a freshman, Lebron was a huge part of the team, averaging just under 20 points a game.

The summer into his sophomore year led to major growth. Lebron skyrocketed to 6’7, allowing weight to grow into his long frame.

By the end of his sophomore season, Lebron was generating thousands of fans each game to watch the young phenom play. His most memorable moment in high school game in a tournament game against Oak Hill Academy, which is one of the most prestigious high school basketball programs in the state. The Irish would lose by one, but Lebron officially put his name on the map by torching Oak Hill with 33 points.

By the time Lebron’s senior season hit, the name was already firm in every college and NBA scout’s head. Several of his senior year games were nationally televised, the media was going ballistic over this kid, and every college was dying to recruit him.

But in the end, Lebron would forgo college and head directly to the NBA. The move appeared to be appropriate, as Lebron instantly came into the league and dominated like he had so many times before.

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