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LeBron James Wallpaper

Find your favourite LeBron James wallpaper here. This kid can really play. It amazes me how much pressure the media has put on him, making him the king of basketball and the next Michael Jordan, plus signing multi-million contracts and yet, he still can wow the crowd.

With all due respect I think that if he wants to be like Mike (which he obviously wants) is to have even bigger will to win the game.

Because you see him pass the ball (which took Michael longer time to learn – he thought he could win by himself), he scores, he plays defence but somehow you can see that he is not yet, persistent and eager to win asMichael Jordan was.

Scoring for the team and all that is great but you have to be everywhere on the court. Basically everywhere. That’s where Jordan was.

Did you know that as a freshman in high school he wore 32 and while playing for the USA national team he was 6? His favourite rapper is Jay-Z and he is the youngest player to reach 8000 points.

Choose your best wallpaper from this wonder kid..


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