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LeBron James MVP

Why this page on LeBron James MVP? In May of 2009, LeBron James received his first “NBA Most Valuable Player Award” and consequently became the first player in the Cleveland organization to take home such an honor.
While some had argued that LeBron was due the award before the 2008-09 season, the argument became irrelevant after he finally joined the list of the most elite players ever to play the game of basketball.
If you take a close look at LeBron James MVP season in 2008-09, one may wonder if King James is due the award once again in 2009-10. As the season nears the playoffs, NBA fans and experts are beginning to craft an opinion as to who is deserving of what.

LeBron James has been included in several MVP discussions. And why not? One glance at his numbers from 2009-10 are evidence enough to crown James.

better shooting

Compare LeBron James MVP numbers in 2008-09 to his current numbers 68 games deep into the 2009-10 campaign. LeBron is on average playing nearly two more minutes a game and shooting a higher field percentage. King James also currently sports a higher assists-per-game and scoring-per-game averages. Not only are his numbers up or nearly identical to 2008-09, but LeBron is also the unanimous best player and leader for the league’s best team as of March 20th.
LeBron has yet again practically carried the team on his shoulders, especially evident during the last month or two as the Cavs suffered injuries to key contributors like Mo Williams and Shaquille O’Neil. It’s important to remember that the NBA’s “Most Valuable Player” is awarded to the league’s most valuable asset.

Who is the player that a team cannot afford to lose? Not only must the player be physically dominant but also a member of a quality team. LeBron James is both in 2009-10 and his name should clearly read “LeBron James MVP” yet again in May.Here is a look at LeBron James stiffest competition for the 2010 MVP Trophy:

Kevin Durant: Believe it or not, King James stiffest competition is a third year player from the Oklahoma City Thunder. How else can you explain OKC’s out-of-nowhere 42-25 record that currently has them seeded fifth in the West if the playoffs were to begin today.

Durant is averaging nearly 30 points per game, as well as over 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

Carmelo Anthony: Anthony is quite possibly the most underrated superstar in the league, and if it wasn’t for LeBron James, he might finally win his first NBA MVP. Melo is scoring like he usually does (like a machine), while also contributing nice rebound and assist numbers to the Western Conference’s second best team.

better shooting

Dwayne Wade: The Miami Heat need Wade more than any other franchise needs their star player. If it wasn’t for Wade, this team might give the Nets a run for the worst team in the league. With Wade, they are an average club with one really dominant force. Wade averages are up there with the best, but it’s hard to vote for a guy who plays on a team that is only 35-34.

Kobe Bryant: Kobe has battled some injuries this year, but is still a very tough player to guard. The Lakers are one of the most talented teams in the league and can get by just fine without him.

Yet, Kobe is the guy that takes them from a great team to a contender. You have to keep him in any MVP discussion.


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