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LeBron James Places Superstar

To start this NBA season off on the right foot let us get right into the controversy-factor that has penetrated the once-impregnable National Basketball Association.

You see the league that once stood out and apart from the rest of the professional ranks, in terms of player comments sparking near-riots or even more than just a passing comment in the local sports section, has turned into a circus of errors.

For Shame For Shame

The once die-hard King James and Cleveland Cavaliers fans now have been given even more reason to place a bull’s-eye on the back of LeBron James.

With the latest reporting by ESPN on Thursday, James said he can certainly relate with the reason why his fan-base in the Cleveland area is now upset with the NBA’s brightest superstar. To quote the King; “get over it”.

Poor Cleveland

James went on to say that he is in agreement with every one of the fans in Cleveland and across the nation and would be upset as well if one of his favorite players left to join another team and market. While that can be taken as a truthful comment to cavaliers fans in the city of Cleveland it was a slap in the face. The few words that would have been better suited not spoken by King James, You have to get over it is what really set the fans off.

Open Mouth Insert Foot

We all understand what Lebron James was trying to state with his off-color rubbing it in comments but he must understand that what goes around comes around. As you can see James only continues to dig a deeper hole by attempting to cover up his lack of oratorical-skills. “Let’s clear this up! I never said to the Cavs fans to ‘get over it.’ I’ve never and will never say anything bad about them. 7 years of joy!”

better shooting

Tuesday Will Come

Is it tip-off time yet? We can only pray that Tuesday comes and puts all this jibber-jabber to rest and play some ball! This is the best way for Lebron James and his new team, the Miami Heat, to put everyone in their place or be put in their place as well? In the NBA only one thing matters and that is a win. The circus does continue but it is dealt on the floor and not in print or what is tweeted any longer.

Tuesday Will Go

We can all take a deep-breath and thank our lucky stars that eventually the ball will be tossed into the air in Miami and the NBA season will begin. The time has come to get it on and there has been no better way to do this than to toss that round-ball into the air and let the boys play basketball.

They will determine who is worthy of all the attention soon enough and we can all look back on these comments as only a way to fill the time before tip-off begins.


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