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Lebron James Kids

The King has three parts of his royal court in place and as soon as the Queen is added to this married grouping of royalty all will be as it should be in the Kingdom of James.

The children of this court are LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James. The Queen is Savannah Brinson, who just happens to be the mother of Lebron Jameskids. How convenient is that?

Queen Commeth

The Queen is as mentioned above Savannah Brinson. This lovely, ravishing, voluptuous and oh so curvaceous woman is widely-known and in the limelight due to being attached with the famous sportsman that is LeBron James.

The children of Lebron James and Savannah Brinson are prototypical examples of their All-Star power forward for the Miami Heat father Lebron James and are definitely chips off the old block.

better shooting

Getting Down with the James’s

After the wedding of Lebron James and Savannah Brinson the family got together in their Cleveland, Ohio home for some togetherness and some peace and quiet. Solitude has always escaped Lebron James and now will be a rarity for the entire James Royal Court.

We know that we are poking a little fun at Lebron James’s name and his reign indeed but it is all in jest and in good spirits. We have deep respect for the man and the basketball playing abilities of King James.

Little Fanfare as Possible

To put it mildly and with as little fanfare as possible Lebron James is one of the most well respected and beloved players and human beings in the entireNational Basketball Association and this is not only for his ball skills on the court but in recent years it is more about his off the court antics that are bringing about such rave reviews.

This comes from a strong upbringing and the parents of Lebron James should be rewarded and respected for raising such an honest and ethical man who happens to be the best player in the NBA and quite possibly can challengeMichael Jordan in the end as the King of All Basketball for all time.

Big Shoes to Fill

We understand that is stretching it a bit but if you were to look at the resume of Lebron James and compare it amicably to that of Michael Jordan, who rarely had a blemish on his record from birth until even now in the business world, you would see some striking similarities and some rather challenging motives for King James to take the lead, eventually.

We will return back to the children of Lebron James now and speak a little bit about where they will be calling home for the next few years atleast. It is up in the air whether Lebron and his wife Savanna James will warm up to the southern lifestyle and make Miami their home especially since there is such a stark contrast from the lifestyle of Ohio and South Florida.

Only time will tell what moves will be permanent for the James’s and what moves will be temporary as a solid foundation is what Lebron James has always been concerned with and is what makes him one of the greatest players and human beings in all the NBA today.

Miami Awaits

The upcoming basketball season should be a thrill for both fans and the children of Lebron James as they watch their daddy hopefully propel the Miami Heat onto NBA Finals victory and grant the City of Miami another title to the solo basketball title that the Miami Heat possess. Only time will tell and that time will be great to watch especially for the Lebron James kids.


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