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LeBron James Pictures

This is a gallery of 31 LeBron James pictures. LeBron. What else could be said about him. I don’t think there’s been a contract, a shoe contract, in thehistory of sports that is worth 90 million dollars for a player who didn’t even start playing in the pro league.

better shooting

He never made a single shot in the NBA when the shoe contract was done. And as the time passes he’s justifying every penny of that contract.

In addition, it’s amazing to think that he didn’t feel pressured of all that hype. LeBron, “The Chosen One”, “The King”, the “Saviour” of the basketball world.

He did not let that affect him, and that’s what makes him so great. Aside of that ridiculous athletic ability, he’s gotta a tough mindset to go along with it.

I personally think that he earned and continuous to earn his nickname, “King James”