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Lebron James Highlights

Every generation has its set of heroes and the sport of professional basketballis one that has a never-ending perpetual cycle of today’s heroes as well as yesterdays and future heroes all wrapped up in one.

Today we’re going to look at some of the best Lebron James highlightsthat have fascinated and thrilled millions of NBAbasketball fans throughout the country and the world for that matter. Lebron James was selected by theCleveland Cavaliers of the National BasketballAssociation in the 2003 NBA Draft.

In his first game against the Sacramento Kings Lebron James scored 25 points had nine assists, six rebounds and four timely-assists and shot a blistering 60% from the floor. Talk about making an impact and no one could remember even against the rookie season of Michael Jordan of a rookie coming out of the gate with such a passion for the game.

better shooting

Rookie Season Stampede

That first game against the Sacramento Kings was only a precursor for things to come during the rookie season for Lebron James and one the biggest almost but not to be Lebron James highlights came in the 2004 Slam DunkContest during his second year in the storied NBA.

The competition came right after Lebron James had poured in a season-high 41 points against the hated New Jersey Nets which made King James the youngest player in league history to score at least 40 points in a game.

He was scheduled to compete in the 2004 Slam Dunk Contest during the All-Star weekend but as fate would have it an ankle injury that he suffered way back when in January 2004 made Lebron unable to practice and if you cannot practice you cannot participate according to the Slam Dunk Contest Rules and Regulations.

NBA Rookie of the Year

After that near-miss at the 2004 Slam Dunk Contest, 2005 rolled around and the previous year’s NBA Rookie of the Year, Lebron James, picked up his game and showed the world why this is the number one player in the NBA even at such a young and tender age. There have only been two players before Lebron James that have averaged atleast 20.5 rebounds and five assists per game in NBA League history. That is a fantastic group to be a part of and one that accepts very few players as members each year and sometimes for decades!

Means Everything to the Fans

What must be mentioned in this Lebron James highlights profile is the impact that this man from Ohio has had on not just the Cleveland Cavaliers but the entire community of Cleveland, Ohio.

Any fan that has been following NBA basketball for a couple of decades knows all- too-well that the Cavaliers have been challenged with making the playoffs and getting back into the big dance which is the World Championship of the NBA. All of us veterans can look back to that winning shot of Michael Jordan of the World Campion Chicago Bulls soaring above Craig Elo in the 1998 NBA Series Game Six as the last time a Cavaliers team was so close to winning it all before Lebron James.

Forever the Bridesmaid Never the Bride

No Lebron James highlights reel and posting would be complete without mentioning that the Cleveland Cavaliers and the City of Cleveland have enjoyed a World Championship Series experience with the 2006-2007 Cavs losing to the World Champion San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker.

The next step for the Lebron James tour is making a stop into the tropics as the Miami Heat have signed this star of the NBA to a very-lucrative contract.


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