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Lebron James Endorsements

The writing is definitely on the wall this year and it could not be any sweeter or more-lucrative than for the NBA’s premier All-Star, Lebron James.

While still in Cleveland and with the Cavaliers, LeBron James agreed to multiyear endorsement deal with McDonald’s that would break the marks all of the past marketing deals, and by a long-shot.

LeBron James Shooting with a Golden Arch

The NBA superstar, Lebron James, signed a multiyear partnership with McDonald’s Corp. late last year adding the global fast-food giant to a list of heavyweight corporate sponsors that already included Nike, Coca-Cola and State Farm.

As if King James needed any more money this deal will deposit an estimated 5 million dollars over the course of three-years into the ledger balance for the James family reign. The Lebron James endorsements package is much more than the Golden Arches and involves items and brands that have nothing to do with the sport ofbasketball and sports in general.

better shooting

40 Million and Counting

By 2009 numbers and reports, Forbes Magazine estimated the 26-year-old James made more than $40 million in salary and endorsements. He is currently ranked number two in the world of professional athletes and that chase to the top spot is closing daily as the decade-long leader, tiger Woods, still licks his wounds from a terrible fall from grace.

Big Time Player

Please have a quick look at Lebron James active list of endorsements and see what star-power is really all about! Included in the listing are the many charities and other efforts that Lebron James supports with his image.

• McDonald’s Deal (First Commercial Debuted During the Super Bowl on Feb.7)

• Ronald McDonald House Charities

• McDonald’s All-American High School Games in Columbus, Ohio

• Bubblicious Bubble Gum

• State Farm Insurance

The Lebron James endorsements deals are so lucrative that the benefactors of these deals go far beyond the star athlete himself or even his family. These deals have legs and those legs travel the world over and touch people in far-away countries that have never heard of the game of basketball much less King James.

World Influence

Starting with the McDonald’s deal, the countries that are affected and benefited from these commercial spots and magazine advertisements include Ireland and many countries in Africa. Without getting too-deep into the gears of what a marketing deal can do and does do let us just wrap this post up about the massive-appeal that Lebron James has with the public by stating the facts as they are unfolding in today’s closely-connected world.

King of Fast Food King of Basketball

Lebron James endorsements are very impactful and this is rather obvious with the d4eals that he lands. If he was not such a marketable product, and believe us when we say it isall about the money and we are all products in a sense, then he would not be offered such prestigious as well as honorary spots with these media kings.

It seems fitting that the number one and number one visually-speaking corporation, McDonald’s, would pass on their sword of power and influence to the King of Basketball, Lebron James. Kings tend to gather with other kings and these two are definitely rulers in their own worlds, respectively.


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