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LeBron James Mother

It doesn’t take a genius to observe that LeBron James mother, Gloria, is actively involved with her son’s career and life in general.

She is a permanent fixture at most of his games, even to this day– yet few fans know much more about Gloria than recognizing her face on the sideline atCleveland Cavaliersgames.

Gloria James is 39 years old and she had LeBron at the young age of 16. Gloria had her fair share of problems while LeBron was growing up. Not only was she a teenage mother, but LeBron biological father was an ex-con and did not want anything to do with the child.

LeBron James mother was forced to make ends meet by working jobs that ranged from retail to accounting. Unfortunately, nothing proved to be a steady career, which meant that the mother and son were constantly moving from apartment to apartment in Akron, Ohio.

LeBron found solace in sports, which consequently enabled him to keep his mind off the struggles his mother and LeBron faced back at home. LeBron excelled not only in basketball but also in football. LeBron’s Pee Wee football coach, Frankie Walker, took an interest not only in football but also with the children’s academics.

Walker knew that LeBron was missing a substantial portion of school and decided to meet with Gloria. The two reached a mutual agreement that would allow LeBron to move in with Frankie and his family. This transition would allow LeBron the opportunity to remain more focused on academics.

However, Gloria would not remain separated from LeBron for long. After 18 months, LeBron moved back in with his biological mother. Unfortunately, finances would once again force LeBron to move back with the Walker family as Gloria struggled to support the child financially.

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The time with the Walker family would prove invaluable for LeBron. Frankie allowed LeBron the chance to stay out of trouble while taking much more of an interest in school. As LeBron grew older, it was clear that he destine for great things athletically.

LeBron’s high school career was highly publicized and presented the teenager the right amount of exposure to take a direct step from high school to the NBA.

To this day, LeBron James mother is active in her son’s life as is the Walkerfamily (LeBron and Gloria still, to this day, spend Thanksgiving with the Walkers).

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Gloria has since made the news in a couple of instances that were not exactly glamorous. In 2006, Gloria was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. The charges eventually included a disorderly conduct, as it was reported that Gloria refused to obey the police officer’s commands at first.

Gloria also made headlines after she got into a verbal confrontation with Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics during Game four of the Cleveland/Boston series in 2008. Near the end of the second quarter, LeBron and Pierce were tangled up after Pierce fouled him hard during a drive to the basket.

As Gloria tried to get into Pierce’s face, Kevin Garnett and LeBron attempted to subdue the angry mother. LeBron was caught on tape telling his mother to “sit you’re a** down.” LeBron later apologized and had this to say about the incident:“I told her to sit down, in some language I shouldn’t have used,” James said. “Thank God today wasn’t Mother’s Day. All I could think about is her. … I know my mother. It’s fine, we’re good.”


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