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Lebron James Info

One of the greatest players ever to grace the hardwood floor of the NBA is the subject of today’s posting.

What’s important to realize about this reviewof Lebron James info is that we are going to be very up-to-date and factual about our discussion here about one of the biggest moves in sports history, not just the NBA.

The trade for the Lebron James franchise, which is in essence what it really is, started with a rumor in Miami at a South Beach bar and ended up with the entire entourage of the James Royal Court crashing the City of Miami’s Golden Shores.

Great for the State

LeBron James is great for the Miami Heat but there have been some recent staff moves that are a bit surprising to some but commonplace to others. For starters the personnel that were hired to sell the team season tickets are no longer needed. Why is that so you may ask?

It is because within three hours of the Lebron James signing with the Miami Heat every single ticket, that is every single season ticket, was sold out in record time. If you don’t have any season tickets to sell you no longer need a season-ticket holding staff so you let them go.

better shooting

That is just one of the examples of many shifting staff changes that is going on with the Miami Heat right now and there are plenty more to come as the Lebron James gang settles into their new digs in Miami Beach.

City of Miami

If the Lebron James info regarding the firing of the entire season-ticket sales staff is exciting for you but very-depressing for the individuals that were most-affected by this move, the personnel, then hang on to your seats and wait until you hear about the other concessions and accolades that are benefiting this NBA franchise.

The entire City of Miami is in love with Lebron James and this is evident by the towns-folk even going as far as the renaming of the city streets to King Road and Lebron highway. It has gotten that crazy in M-Town!

Big Changes

The renaming of the highways and the byways of the city of Miami are not the only monumental changes that are happening right now in the City by the Bays. Entire neighborhoods are being dressed-up for the first game and the arrival of the King and his Court.

Will this be a pain or a gain and will the Miami Heat do as so many teams have done in the past after loading up their ranks with high dollar players but then fold and have a far-worse record than anyone ever imagined? Only time will tell and if we were betting men and women which we are not, anymore, then our money would be on the 3 from Miami sweeping the series and taken title after title with that loaded for bear backcourt as well as that dominate frontcourt.


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