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LeBron James Dunking

Lebron James dunking the basketball is one of the most athletic and forceful movements in all of sports. He could arguably be the most forceful dunker in the history of game.

He is in the company of Darryl Dawkins, Shawn Kemp, and Dominique Wilkins. Dominique Wilkins, known as the human highlight real, has some of the most powerful dunks inhistory. But Lebron James has surpassed him as the most dominant, powerful dunker in today’s game.

At 6’8” and 250 pounds Lebron James is a smallfreight train going to the rim and with a 36” vertical leap he can achieve speeds of 50 mph in the air. The one item missing from his resume is the coveted NBA slam-dunk title. This contest has featured some the greatest dunkers in the world.

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The 1985 slam-dunk contest between Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest displays of dunking to ever take place. Although the slam-dunk contests featuring Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard may be a close second. During the 2009 slam-dunk contest, Lebron James preliminarily tossed his name in the hat for the 2010 slam-dunk contest.

The world was disappointed when Lebron did not participate and back up his statement that he can dunk on a fourteen-foot rim. Dunking a basketball is a magical thing and watching a thunderous dunk is breathtaking. It can bring a crowd to its feet and leave other players shaking their heads.

The poetry of Michael Jordan, the grace of Kobe Bryant, the incomparable leaping of Spud Webb are all astonishing to watch. But Lebron James dunking the basketball can be earth shattering. The unparallel ferocity he generates when he attacks the rim is intimidating. The phenomenal thing about Lebron James dunking is he does it every night in the NBA.

Many of the great showmen could do incredible feats in a contest but rarely equaled that level of expertise during live game play. Lebron James, as the premier power dunker, will dunk over, through or around any defender. He is so powerful that he will drag defenders with him and shoo them of like a fly. He needs no contest or stage to perform these astounding athletic skills he does it all the time.

Fans pay top dollar to see him play. Every basketball arena in the world wants Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to play in their building. It means increased ticket sales, increased apparel sales and an increase in the local economy.


At 25 years old he still has not reached his peak. No one can predict how powerful he will become and how high he may jump. He first dunked in a game when he was 14 years old. He was an 8th grader playing in students vs. teacher’s basketball game. He went on to be Gatorade national Player of the year as junior in high school and that launched him into the media spotlight.

By the time he was asenior in high school he had already appeared on the covers of Slam Magazine, Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine. He was so popular that his high school games were televised on pay-per-view. Millions of fans tuned in to see this prodigy play and hopefully throw down a couple in your face, posterizing, booming dunks.

There is some argument as to who is the real superman of the NBA. Some say Shaquille O’Neal and others vote for Dwight Howard. They can have their petty arguments about the real superman but there is one and only one King James. He has elevated himself above the rest. If you are not convinced then you have not seen Lebron James dunking.


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