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Lebron James Commercials

Basketball players are sometimes offered to endorse different brands of shoes, drinks, and the like. Lebron James is an icon in basketball as well as in marketing industry.

He is one of the highest paid commercial models in the world. He is often asked to promote products because he is an effective endorser. (tested and proven!) Lebron James’ Commercials are simple yet very eye catching.

Lebron James’ Commercials are a sure hit, the commercial is catchy and the product is very much saleable. Here are a glimpse of his commercials:

Lebron James as a Nike endorser

In palying basketball a good shoes is a MUST therefore no one should be left behind. Due to Lebron James skills in the game he was asked by the company Nike to endorse their shoes. Lebron James already signed a contract with Nike even before his professional debut. There are certain shoes that is named to him.

Here are some of Nike’s shoes named after him:

Some of the Nike commercials are the : “The Second Coming”, “The Chalk”, “The Book of Dimes” and “We are all Witnesses”.

“Just Do It” commercial

One of the best Lebron James’ commercial is the “Just Do It” commercial. It is about believing in one’s self, and be what you want to be, thus the title Just Do It. It is a commercial for Nike, but the meaning of the commercial is very controversial because it involves the issue of him signing with the Miami Heat.

Lebron James in a Football Commercial

Did you know that Lebron James first true love is football?? Lebron James even opted to go back to playing football. State Farm is very much into working with Lebron James because of its huge appeal to the crowd. And with Lebron James background in playin football (he was a football player way back in highschool) he was asked to be a part of a commercial “Feelin Kinda Sunday” National Football League commercials.

Through Lebron James endorsement it opened a wide connection between State Farm connection to NFL, pro basketball and other sports fan around the world.

Not only in basketball

Lebron James does not only endorse basketball stuff, he also endorses a fast food chain, particularly Mcdonald’s. Together with Dwight Howard of theOrlando Magic, the two superstars endorse Mcdonald’s. The story line of the Dwight Howard and Lebron James’ commercial was very entertaining. The two superstars made a deal that the first one to miss a dunk will watch the other one eat the Mcdonald’s fries and a Big Mac. While they were so busy with their dunk competition, and the final dunk of Howard ruined the basketball board and the ring, then did they realized that someone has already eaten the fries and the Big Mac. Simple but very catchy.

better shooting

James does not only endorse the said fast food chain, but he is also doing charity works along with the rest of the company. Lebron said that Mcdonald’s and himself make a great team because they share many of the core values.


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