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Next Lebron James

Who’s the next Lebron James? Well, for starters it’s not Ty Crain. If you do not get the inside joke, the famous line (or so I like to think) from thebasketball movie “Coach Carter” is said by the fictional Ty Crain.

Crain is a big-name prospect from the local city that ends the opening game sequence between Carter’s futurehigh school team and Crain’s with an interview for the ages. When the reporter asks Crain if he’s the next Lebron James, Crain glares at the reporter, grabs the microphone, and proclaims, “Next Lebron James? I’m the only Ty Crain.”

Okay so I had to open up with a joke. Thank you; you’re such a wonderful audience! Who really is the next Lebron James?

Tayshaun Augusto, a fifth grader, is certainly making noise. This special talent can dribble between his legs with ease up and down the entire length of the court.

That’s not all. From four to eight every night, Augusto shoots jumpers and participates in other basketball drills. Augusto is so talented for his age, that he makes more shots then your average 20 year old.
His shot and trajectory is perfect and he’s just a pure natural talent.

But even more spectacular is his ball handling.

Augusto can do practically any dribble that a “Harlem Globetrotter” can pull off and he’s only in fifth grade! What is the most amazing dribble in his arsenal?

How about two basketballs simultaneously dribbled between his legs? That is truly amazing.

Augusto has become some what of an internet sensation, with a lot of his highlight reels on You Tube.

And I’m not done yet.

Augusto special talents range even outside the court, where he’s a pure runner. Consider this…he ran a mile in four minutes and 50 seconds last year, making him by far the fastest mile runner in his age group. Augusto plans to run the mile again this year, and shatter the world record for his age group.

better shooting

Is he a childhood prodigy comparable to Lebron James?

We will have to wait three years before he even hits high school, but with all his talent and natural endurance, Augusto will have to do a lot to hurt his chances of not only someday playing in the NBA but also becoming a star.

New York City’s own, Lance Stephenson is an older and more comparable high school version of Lebron James. Is he the next Lebron James? I don’t know if I can quite say that yet, but consider this…

Stephenson, who is more appropriately known as Sir Lancelot, has one of those games that are always a step above his age level. At 17 years of age, Sir Lancelot is already turning NBA scouts’ heads although his game will have to wait at least two years before he is eligible to play in the league.

Sir Lancelot is a gifted point guard who many are considering the next great point guard to emergence from New York’s famed and rich basketball history.

Sir Lancelot draws comparisons to former New York City point guards Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair, although many consider him even better then the two.


How about Lebron James then, is he really the next Lebron James?

Well, from a physical standpoint, no. While taller then most point guards, Stephenson is not built with the same power and strength that Lebron is. But athletically, the sky is the limit for this kid. He can dunk with ease in traffic and is a defensive nightmare. Did I mention he has unlimited shooting range as well?

While there are several players worth mentioning, right now I wanted to focus on two truly special talents.


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