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Lebron James Gallery

Don’t you think we need just another LeBron James Gallery? I mean really, LBJ. King James. The Chosen One.

The nicknames are associated to one player that has reinvented the NBA the way that Magic and Larry did in the 80’s and Jordan did in the 90’s. This man has turned the NBA into his own personal playground and he makes it look easy when he does it.

This man is known as Lebron James. The genetic freak that was born to playbasketball, Lebron stands at a statuesque 6’8” and 265 pounds.

He runs a 4.4 40-yard dash and has a 44” vertical. He looks as if he is gliding when he plays basketball and almost walks on air during a game.

The scary thing about Lebron is that he is only 24 and still has a lot ofbasketball left in front of him. He has not even hit his peak and still has even more untapped potential that will make him dare I say, even better.

Lebron has enough accomplishments to his name at his young age to fill up the Smithsonian from ceiling to floor. He could have his own museum dubbed simply the Lebron James Gallery.

Lebron James has been at the focal point of the basketball world since he was in 8th grade, when he was being scouted at middle school games. He knows how to handle the pressure and it seems as if he thrives on it.

There were a lot of doubters at first that thought he would crumble under the pressure; however, after his first game in the big time, you just knew that you witnessed something special. Lebron has been on TV since his High Schooldays when his team St. Vincent-St. Mary was normally televised on ESPN and ESPN2 just so people could get a glimpse of the future.

better shooting

Lebron has not disappointed thus far, he has done things that only mortals could dream of. He has compared to every legend that you can think of. From Jordan’s clutch play to Magic’s court vision to Shaq’s charisma.

He is a combination of the best traits an NBA player can have. He has the ability to involve his team like no other player in the league can do, however, he has the ability to put a team on his back and carry them to Promised Land.

This was proven against the Detroit Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals when he scored 29 of his team’s last 30 points in 4th quarter and Overtime to lead them to a victory over the heavily Detroit Pistons. He was a 22-year old, playing like a 15 year vet, knowing what to do and when to do it. It was at this point that Lebron officially arrived and he has not left since.

Basketball fans of all ages are curious to see what he will do next, no one knows what to expect and are blown away by the face we have not seen his best basketball just yet. By the time he is done, he will most definitely be a Hall of Famer, most likely with own wing, the “Lebron James Gallery”. I just hope there is enough room.

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