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Basketball Agility Drills for Your Agility

Have you gone through a big growth spurt? You think you need to be more agile? Want some basketball agility drills? Don’t you worry about a thing.

Here I give you, 3 things that you can and you should do, IF you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above. Stand on one leg for 30 seconds.

After that, stand on your other leg for another 30 seconds.

Or if that’s too easy for you, jump on one leg for 30 seconds and then on the other for another 30 seconds with no rest when changing legs (it might seem hard at the beginning but you’ll get it).

After a couple of short weeks you will be able to notice the positive difference you can make in a very short time.


Repeat this process till you notice some improvement.

Jump rope will definitely help. Either use the jump rope to jump with both legs..

..or your can alternatively jump with your right then with your left leg like it’s shown on this picture..

You decide for how long you are going to jumpbut take no longer than 1 minute break in both cases (when jumping with both legs and when jumping with one leg and then the other).


These exercises are also good for balance..

If you can, try these plyometric exercises

If your friends tell you, that you are lame at basketball or you just don’t “get it” because of your body, don’t buy any of that crap. You think Mugsy Bogues, 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m) wasn’t ridiculed when he said he wants to make it to the NBA. You think he gave up. Well, neither should you.

No matter how big disadvantage you think you have, there is no excuse not to find the proper exercises like these ones here for example and just start working on the elements of your game or your body that need to be improved.

better shooting

Hey, if you love basketball, if you have passion for the game, with the right attitude, nothing can stop you. There are more than enough examples in the basketball history to convince you that anything is possible when you believe.

Here’s another submitted drill. It’s called…

Speed Lay-up Drill

By Hal Wissel

This is a challenging lay-up drill. You will alternate shooting strong and weak hand lay-ups, speed and reverse dribbles.

The drill consists of alternately driving from each elbow and shooting lay-ups with your right hand when dribbling right and your left hand when dribbling left.

Start at the right elbow in a balanced stance with your left foot forward and right foot back. Drive to the basket using a speed dribble with your right hand and shoot a right-handed lay-up. Catch the ball with two hands and speed dribble out to the left elbow, pulling the ball back toward the basket with your right hand.

Drive to the basket using a speed dribble with your left hand and shoot a left-hand lay-up. Catch the ball with two hands and speed dribble to the right elbow, using your left hand. Place your right foot on the elbow and reverse dribble, pulling the ball back toward the basket with your left hand.

Continue the drill for 30 seconds, alternately driving and shooting lay-ups on each side of the basket.

Record the number of lay-ups made in 30 seconds.


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