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5 Man Weave

The name of this basketball drill is “5 Man Weave”. It’s a good passing drill and u also get a little practice on your layups.

Ok, so u get 5 people lined up down the base line. The middle person (person3) starts out with the ball, everyone starts running down the court and about 2 steps from the base line the middle person passes the ball to the person directly on their right (person4) then cuts behind them.

Then person 4 passes it to the person on the left of person 3 (which is person 2) and cuts behind them, then person 2 passes it to the person on person 4’s right(person 5),then cuts behind them, then person 5 passes it to person 1 (person 2’s left)

By this point u should be pretty much to the other end of the court so person 1 makes a layup then person 1 and 5 are on defense.

And as u run back down the court and u just play til offense scores or defense rebounds the ball.


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