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Easy Basketball Plays

Some of the greatest and easy basketball plays that can be learned right away are full layup drills and set shots.

The set-shot is a great way to have a high percentage shot most of the time and usually the same player will be the one who ends up taking the final shot of the play.

What happens there during practices is that the players get very accustomed to passing the ball in certain positions and ended up with a great 40 to 50% shot from a set position in the key. The problem with this type of play is that one little hindrance or a great defensive play on the other team’s side can null and void any shooting opportunity and can create a turnover and that could lead to a devastating four our five-point swing.

This is why it’s all important to practice and practice very hard each and every practice session so that the play can be learned by heart and that any mitigating factors can be handled during the course of the play from beginning to end and with an alternate outcome if necessary.

Freelancing on every basketball play in a team oriented atmosphere is a great thing to have as it should be open for each and every player and given the the green light to do so in case of an alteration of the big basketball play.

A situation will rear its head during the most inopportune times or a basketball game. The ability to reach into a bag of tricks by a coach and pull out a great basketball play is essential to winning the game.

Most easy basketball plays end up being the ones that in the final seconds are a great thing to be able to have and possess on a team. The individual stars do shine for most of the season yet when it comes to one or two of the coaches favored plays this is usually were the best individual player for that play will be utilized and not just the current stars.

The National Basketball Association has some very standard and highly popular plays that are run each and every game as long as one person keeps their eye on the ball during every play.

If you watch the Boston Celtics run their famous three two offense you will see that the center Kevin Garnett heads down the court first flanked on each side by the power forwards either Paul Pierce and Big Baby Glen Davis and a duo of talented guards Ronda and Johnson bringing up the rear with Ronda serving as point guard.

The three two offense play normally has Ronda bringing the ball up to mid-court and then looking for Kevin Garnett posted in down low. Once the ball is accepted with a crisp pass from Rondo or maybe Paul Pierce to Kevin Garnett the big all star center has the choice of either roll right or left doing a jump hook or some other form of easy basket variation.

The Boston Celtics are not the only NBA basketball team that will employ a great set of easy basketball plays so will the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs for that matter. The San Antonio Spurs run the efficient and popular Gregory Asian offense but they call this one the 41 in-your-face play. The goal of any easy basketball plays set is to put the ball through the hoop.



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