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Basketball Rebounding Drills

These basketball rebounding drills will provide you with that extra energy on the court that’ll help you when grabbing more and more rebounds.

Let’s face it. Rebounding under the basket can be hard. Brutal sometimes. You gotta be willing to take elbows, and punches, and pushes and all that. If are too afraid to face that, you’ll never be a rebounder. There’s couple of things you need to be aware of. Keep these things in mind and you’ll improve your both, defensive and offensive rebounds.

A very, very common mistake, young players make is watching the ball, as it goes to the basket. They don’t anticipate anything, just plainly observing where it’s going. They also think that some shots may be good shots.

Well, here’s a tip. Every shot is a missed shot. Okay? For you, no matter who took the shot, whether that’d be Michael Jordan in his prime or Larry Bird, anticipate the missed shot.

A good rule of thumb to remember is to know that if the player took a shot from the side, there is a higher chance that the ball will go to the opposite side.

If he shot straight on to the basket, the ball will probably bounce straight back to the shooter. It’s a good idea to watch for the shooting percentage of both your teammates and your opponents. Do they come off short? What is the type of their arc they give their shots? It’s always a good thing to try to remember that. Armed with that information, you stand a better chance.

And you have to want the ball more than anyone else. There’re 9 other players on the court. You have to be willing to go the extra mile to take it. It’s yours.

The mental side always helps. Positioning is the key to successful rebounding but a lot of players tend to forget that. Don’t be afraid to go against more aggressive rebounder. You be the one who’s aggressive.

But be sure to immediately find you man as quickly as you can, get low, and box him out. Once you get the ball, protect it by bringing it down to your chest.

If you want to grab the ball from your opponent’s hands, never use one hand. Always grab it with two hands, turn to the side and protect the ball.

Here are some drills and tips for better rebounding.

1.) Squat jumps – This is pretty much your normal squat but the difference is that you have to have your fingers laced behind your head and when you squat down (when you’re half way there – the half squat), you jump up explosively as high as you can. When you land, repeat the process without stopping. Do about 20 jumps to complete a set and 3 sets per day.

2.) McHale rebounding drill – This develops your ability to quickly and effectively jump against other players who might be bumping you and pushing you on the court. What you basically do is stand under the basket and tip the ball with your right hand (if you’re right handed) and touch the rim with your other hand.

If you’re shorter you can touch the net but the point is to do all that at the same time. Try to do 10 consecutive nice tips. This is one of the hardest basketball rebounding drills, but practice makes perfect and in no time you will improve your tipping.

3.) The tap move – If your man is boxing you out, if you’re behind him, tap him on the side. Let’s say you tap him on the left side and he’ll have more tendency to go the left side. But what you do is, you go to the other side.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This is used in the NBA to out-smart your man. It’s not a foul if you do it gently.

4.) Watch the guys like Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley rebound. Study their moves. See their positioning and the way they box their opponents out.

5.) Don’t forget your jump rope. This basketball rebounding drill will put fuel in your legs and provide you with 1 inch above the others.



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