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Effective Basketball Dribbling Drills

Here, I’m going to talk about some basketball dribbling drills and advice on dribbling. One of things that I don’t like when I check for some basketball advice on a website is, when I see that huge block of text with no paragraphs and so much philosophy.

That’s why I’m trying not to be like that on this page as well as any other page on my website.

Keep in mind that dribbling, just like any other fundamental, takes PRACTICE.

I’ve probably emphasized that word enough but it’s because I’m tired of all the crap that goes around on the internet about how you can do this one cool fancy drill and in no time you’ll be a pro or some s**t like that. But first, here’s a great video on the TOP ten, most exciting moves:

Alright, now that you definitely want to improve your dribbling, let’s start doing some basketball dribbling drills.

Here we go, with some tips:

Crossing the ball

Stand on the baseline. Start running toward the other baseline while dribbling. But while you dribble, cross the ball behind your back with one hand. Then as soon as you grab the ball with the other hand, cross it between the legs. Then repeat this process all the time till you get to the other baseline.

The basketball dribbling drill with 2 chairs

Put two chairs about 5 meters (about 15-16 feet) apart from each other. Take a ball and start dribbling through them in a “8 formation”.

When the time is right (after you’ve done enough with one ball), you can try with 2 balls. Just do the same thing but this time take 2 balls. At first, it may seem difficult but once you master this then dribbling with one hand will be far easier.

Dribble with both hands

Are you are right handed? Statistics show that you probably are. If you are, then try to dribble with your left hand even more. Develop a habit. It makes all the difference. Watch this clip from Allen Iverson for some inspiration and see his amazing movements with his both hands when he was going against Michael Jordan.

Also Tony Parker does it well, with both hands. He wasn’t very good when he first came to the league because he didn’t know what to focus on but once he started using his talents which are his agility, his fast dribbling on the court, he definitely became a knife on the court. It’s pretty damn hard to guard such a player.

Don’t ever look down when you dribble

As you know, it’s always best to keep an eye on the defender and your teammates and their defenders. In other words, observe the situation. Be aware where everyone is going and.. (okay Trajko I get the point). Oh, sorry then:)

It’s normal if you feel that you’ve lost your feeling when dribbling

Some players however, even if they stop playing basketball for several months or so, they’ll still have that feeling. There is a good chance that they’ve been practicing for a long period of time, or, they’ve just played basketball for a long time.

But if you notice that after you stop playing basketball for some time (10+ days) you can’t dribble that good, then that’s because you are not “there” yet. It means that you have some basketball dribbling drills to do. It’s completely normal.

Don’t be afraid to go against a bigger and stronger opponent

Dare to attack the defender no matter how big he is. And don’t hesitate once you decide. He who hesitates is lost. You think that Allen Iverson hesitated in 2002 when he was attacking the rim and Shaq was defending it.

Remember how many times he managed to score over Shaq. God that was a sweet season.

Practicing with a tennis ball

Some people suggest practicing with a tennis ball. I say why not. It certainly trains your ball handling skills. Just take a regular tennis ball and walk around with it, dribbling it. Switch hands while doing it. Or you can just dribble with it while doing any other activity.



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