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Dribbling Tricks for Basketball

Basketball is very unique for its dribbling tricks for basketball. It’s also highly unique in the world of sports due to the way you advance the ball.

Sure it is plausible to move the ball up the entire court and score a hoop without taking a single dribble; however it’s very rare and would require a horrible team of defenders.

So dribbling is extremely important in the game of basketball and one of the first skills you should master.

Dribbling is even more important than passing and shooting.

Great teams have thrived off one player who can handle the basketball and doesn’t turn it over.

Dribbling tricks for basketball is an exciting way to expand your dribbling arsenal. However, before you try any of the tricks below, it is extremely important you master basic dribbles like the right and left hand standing dribble as well as the right and left hand dribble while sprinting down the court.

The vital test to take before advancing to dribbling tricks for basketball is to stand in one place and dribble with the off-hand (not dominant hand) for two full minutes. If you mess up the dribble, bounce it off your shoe, or lose control you are not ready for dribbling tricks.

Here are some popular and common dribbling tricks for basketball…


The crossover dribble is a low, quick bounce in front of your body from one hand to the other that allows you to quickly switch momentum and direction. The crossover dribble allows the ball handler to outmaneuver the opponent and an open lane to the hoop.

1) Proceed towards the defender (or object, such as a trashcan) dribbling with the dominant hand. Take small steps, studying your opponent’s posture and positioning. For example, if the defender wants you to dribble right (based on his or her positioning), a right to left crossover is highly recommended and vice versa.

2) When you are a few steps from the defender, bend your upper-body a little closer to the defender and take a small jab step with your right foot.

3) Twist your right hand with the ball, around your right knee and bounce the ball back towards your left hip. Twist your upper-body with the ball. Twisting your upper-body is especially important yet often ignored by many ball handlers. Moving your upper-body with the ball simply defends the ball from being stolen.

4) Receive the ball with your left hand off the bounce. The ball should hit your hand around the side of your left hip. Your left shoulder should now protrude back further and your right shoulder pointed directly at the defender’s face.

5) If the defender takes the bait and unsuccessfully goes for the steal or takes a step to your right, you now have a clear path to the hoop with the left hand dribble. Do not waste any time! Immediately dribble to the left of the defender after receiving the ball with your left hand.


Between the Legs

The between the legs dribble involves the player dribbling between his or her legs, while outmaneuvering and tricking the defender.

1) Approach the defender dribbling with your dominant hand. Take small steps, studying the defender’s positioning and posture.

2) Take a jab step with your left foot so it extends 6-12 inches past the right foot. While taking the jab step, twist the right hand and ball back towards your body.

3) Release the ball so it bounces back on the court directly under your torso. Men stay warned! To prevent the ball from bouncing back up into your “private area” make sure the ball bounces slightly past your torso and not directly in front of your torso.

4) Bring your left hand behind your body. If you bounce the ball between your legs correctly, the ball should land into your left hand directly horizontal to your butt.

5) Twist your left hand and the ball back around your left hip and take a dribble to prevent “palming.”


Behind the Back

The behind the back dribble is a great way to change directions immediately and fool the defender.

1) Once again, approach the defender dribbling with your dominant hand. Take small steps, studying the defender’s positioning and posture.

2) As you near the defender, especially if he or she reaches for the ball, twist your right hand and the ball around your hip and release the ball with your fingers pointed towards the court.

3) If thrown properly, the ball should release off the fingers and bounce directly behind your body and back into your left hand ready to receive around the hip.

4) Twist the left hand and ball back around your hip and to the front of your body.

5) Take a hard dribble and find an easy way to the basket.



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