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Increase Your Energy – 7 Tips To Do It

Your energy determines how fast you are going to improve. There’re some tips to increase your energy so that you can practice longer and more efficiently.

If you don’t have the energy you can’t move forward. You can’t dedicate yourself to train to be the best player you can be.

Here are 7 tips to increase your energy so that you can have the energy like these guys…

Nutrition is crucial. Eat more fruits and vegetables and have them 3-4 times during the day. I’m not going to bore you to death with some vitamins/cardio/ratio calories/grams and all that stuff.

It’s just a fact that fruits and vegetables increase the energy level when you eat them throughout the day. It’s a good thing to start and finish the day by consuming some fruit or vegetable.

Drink lots of water. The blood flow functions better. You lose unwanted pounds, thus the red blood cells don’t have to stick together.

If they don’t have to stick together they carry more oxygen and give you more energy. Also, a substitute for water can be freshly squeezed juice. Better taste but same effect:)

Eat smaller meals. Not only eating one big meal per day is not healthy but you’ll have less energy.

The metabolism burns less calories because it tries to save more energy. And it does so, because it “sees” that it’ll take a while before you’ll have another big meal. Nothing good happens this way.



That’s why, you should get used to eating 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day.

Don’t sleep too much. When you oversleep your body stays inactive.

The more it stays in this state the less energy it consumes/needs. The less energy it consumes the less energy it has to produce. You get the point. Avoid sleeping more than 9-10 hours.

Let as much sunshine as you can, especially when you’re waking up. The sun is the main source of energy. It gives energy to everything. It certainly gives you and me.

Desire to achieve something. Ever noticed how you felt when you come home and you’re told you need to finish a task that is not enjoyable at all.

In fact, you hate doing it. Ever felt like you don’t have the energy. What about if your friend calls up and he goes.. Hey man, wanna go out and shoot some pool (or something else you enjoy doing), but the thing is, you’ll have to be here in 15 minutes. If you can’t manage, then forget it.

You’ll probably be like.. 10 minutes?!, dude, I’m there in 5.

Sounds familiar? We all feel energized in this weird way when we enjoy doing something. That’s why, if you truly enjoy basketball and you have a great “Michael-Jordan-like-passion” for the game, to get better so that you can “wow” the coach, your buddies, your father, the crowd, or get a scholarship, or play in the NBA, you’ll always have more energy than someone who doesn’t have a passion.

DON’T smoke or drink alcohol or take pills for more energy.

The first two go without saying. You’ve probably heard enough already but here’s my theory behind the third one.

I wouldn’t suggest pills. Primarily because our bodies are not used to have these chemicals and they can either react in a positive way but temporarily, or become addicted to these chemicals.

If you become addicted to pills that increase your energy then you’ll have to take them your whole life only to have little more energy than the average person has.


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