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Basketball Passing Drills

If you have any doubts about whether your should try these basketball passing drills, then, here’s a refresher.

When Michael Jordan came to the league in 1984, he was already a player with great basketball skills. He wanted to win. But now matter how badly he wanted, his team couldn’t win a championship until he figured out that he needs to include every teammate.

Actually Phil Jackson was the one who told him that, unless he starts passing the ball, his team will never win. After he started doing that, the “Chicago Bulls” won 6 championships.

The same goes for Koby Bryant. He wasn’t passing the ball at all at some point of his career. But he learned the same.

LeBron James on the other hand, approached the game differently. You know that Jordan and Kobe were his two favourite players right? And after watching them play his whole life, he learned that he must pass the ball as well.

This is probably the most neglected fundamental in basketball. But it’s just as important as shooting and dribbling and everything else.

Players who are great passers and receivers can be great team players.



Moving the ball quickly around players ensures amazing team coordination which is vital for winning.

Here’s a guy who obviously has done a lot of basketball passing drills..



Coaches love great passers. That’s why you gotta make sure you pass the ball. Here are some basketball passing drills and tips for you..

The passing should be “just right”.

How hard should you throw the ball? Well, here’s a tip. It shouldn’t be too hard nor too easy. You’ll know it’s too hard when the pass slaps loudly when the other player catches the ball. And the pass it’s too easy, when of course, there is no sound at all.


better shooting


Find a concrete wall and draw a square on the wall. Then to improve your accuracy try to hit that square that you drew. The better you get, the further you should throw the ball from.



Don’t stare at the receiver before you pass him the ball.

This way, the ball has a greater chance of being stolen. No doubt about that.


Keep it simple.

John Stockton never tried to be fancy. His only goal was to pass the ball and now he holds the record for most career assists (15,806).


Don’t hesitate when you pass.

Jason Kidd once said that everytime he hesitates even for a second whether he should pass the ball or not, his ball gets stolen.


Simple ball-handling drill and a way to start running.

For this basketball passing drill, you need three players. I mean, that only counts if you are a coach. If you are not, then you only need, you, and two players. So here’s the drill.

You have the ball, and you are standing under the rim. The other two players are positioned each on the free throw line. You pass the ball to whoever you want and start running towards him and go around him.

Then that player passes the ball to the third player and starts running towards him and goes around him (while everyone is running towards the other side of the court. In other words, you are running all the time while passing the ball to each other.

The person that you pass the ball to, will then pass the ball to the third person. And while he is doing it, you go around him. Then the third person will pass you the ball and he’ll go around you. Get it? It’s a pretty basic basketball passing drill and you’ve probably done it at some point.


Anticipate your teammates and their defenders.

For effective passing it’s important to anticipate your teammate’s movements on the court as well as their defender’s movements. Where do they usually move around on the court. And it also helps, if you know your teammates strengths and weaknesses.


Use “fake passes” or “no look passes”.

That’s as simple as looking in a different direction while passing the ball. But make sure you don’t “overdo” these passes or you opponent will be able to “read” what’s your intention.


Keep your eyes up.

When dribbling, always see the situation. Can you see the rim? Good. Because if you can see the rim, you can see the court. If you can see the court, you can observe your teammates and their defenders. If you do this you’ll anticipate where everyone is going. Of course it takes time to develop this ability but practice makes perfect.

Overtime you’ll subconsciously know where everyone is looking. Anticipation is key for good passing. If your teammate is in motion or you think he is going to be, to make sure he receives the ball, throw a lead pass.


Train with a medicine ball.

After that, when you catch a regular ball and you try to pass it, you’ll lost control of the ball. It happens to everyone. It’s normal. Over time you’ll pass the ball more easily.



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