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Muscle Growth Tips

So you’re looking for muscle growth tips? Before you start, I advise you to check out our “Ways to Build Muscle Fast” section for more information on muscle building supplements.

For the sake of time, we’re going to focus exclusively in this section on actual muscle building workouts.

Muscles grow by pushing and stretching them through new limits. A common myth is you need to workout 24/7 in order to build muscles. That is false. You actually need at least two days of rest each week, not only for yourself, but also for your muscles.

The reason this is necessary is muscles spend all week being stretched, pulled, and putting intense amount of pressure on. On your days off, the muscles are allowed to regain strength and to stretch wider for more mass.

Muscle Growth Tip:

Drink water and lots of it! Water will help your muscles rebuilding and expand. A lot of people recommend drinking one gallon of water on every workout day, and a half-gallon on each day you take off. If you do not drink water, you are not allowing your muscles to rebuild and grow.

Regardless of whether you workout four or five days a week, you need to set up a plan.

Muscle Growth Tip:

Setting up a workout plan is one way to stay committed and focused on a certain group of muscles each day.

So for example, you set Monday as the day you will workout your chest. Stick with only weights and exercises that work on your chest.

I like to set the schedule as such…

Monday = ChestTuesday = Arms/BicepsWednesday = LegsThursday = Shoulders/BackFriday = Cardio

Some people prefer to workout key muscle groups like chest and arms twice a week. For that type of workout you might do…

Sunday = ChestMonday = Arms/BicepsTuesday = LegsWednesday = Cardio/RestThursday = ChestFriday = Arms/Biceps

This type of workout routine will add more bulk and mass, but requires more of a time commitment.

On cardio days you have the option of resting or doing a light job or physical activity such as tennis or even playing basketball.

Some basketball players also like to workout the legs twice a week although I only advise this during the offseason. In fact, weights are difficult to do during any season, much less basketball which requires finesse and touch. Stick to very light workout routines during the season. Never overexpose yourself.

Muscle Growth Tip:

Start out with small weights and really work on your form. Too many athletes get tricked into large weights and do the exercise all wrong. Start small and do be ashamed. Just as in basketball, you want to start with the fundamentals first and the skills second.
Now do you want to add mass and bulk, or simply lean up a bit and lose any fat?

This question provides you with two different answers.

A) I want to add muscle, strength, and weight or B) I want to trim up any extra fat, add strength, and look fitter.

Muscle Growth Tip:

Remember the general rule that less reps and higher weight grows mass and bulk, while more reps and less weight adds endurance and trims you up.

The greatest muscle growth tip is simply the formula you used to succeed in basketball – desire and will. If you want to improve in basketball and find that weights could help, that’s great! Stick to the same commitment and motivation and you’ll do great.


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