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Basketball Conditioning Workouts

All these basketball conditioning workouts are very effective and used a lot by athletes and hard core players in many sports.

In the game of basketball, where a lot of running is required because it is a fast-paced game, you HAVE to work on many basketball conditioning workouts in order to be a worthy opponent for the other team.

Alright, let’s start with this running workout..

This one’s pretty popular. What you do is run from the sideline of the court to the opposite sideline. Run at the pace where you feel comfortable. By comfortable I don’t mean that you go really slow nor too fast that you can’t catch your breath. And so, obviously you’ll finish on the opposite sideline. When you get from one sideline to the other, that counts as one. Take about 2-3 minutes rest and start again. 17 times completes a set. Do 5 sets per day.

The 17 Sprint Workout


Classic one. It’s even better if you do it with dribbling. Stand on the baseline and start running to touch the free throw line. When you touch it, get back to the baseline and touch it again. Then to the half-court line, then the opposing free throw line and then the opposing baseline (on the other side of the court).


Each time you touch those lines, you get back to the baseline to touch it (you don’t stop running except when you’re touching the line – and for the suicides to be more effective, do that as quick as possible).

Basketball Jumps

Stand next to the basketball with your feet together. You can either jump back and forth or sideways. Jumping sideways was little harder for me and that’s why I was doing that more often.


You gonna have to see what’s harder for you and work on those jumps even more. Jump for 25-30 seconds as fast as you can and count the number of jumps. Each and everyday try to break your personal record. You will undoubtedly notice improvements.

Defensive slide

This is a killer but it’s better if you can find a buddy to give you directions. What you do is, stand in a defensive stance and slide sideways as fast as you can. So, butt down, arm to the side and just move as fast as you can. Your buddy (coach, friend, whoever) will tell you when to go to the other direction. If that’s your friend for example, you guys can make it fun.

The one who lasts for a minute is the winner and the other guy will have to do the “defensive slide”. Let’s say you start first and he’s giving you coordinates and he says left, right, left, right. When he says left, you should go to the left. But he can switch between left and right as fast as he wants.


better shooting


So, if he says right, and you go right, but then he says right again and you were expecting him to say left so you went to the left, you gonna stay there sliding for 1 more minute. But if you don’t make a mistake in those 60 seconds it’s gonna be his turn to slide.

Jump Rope

Jump for 30 seconds with your right and 30 seconds with your left leg without stopping. Then take 30 seconds break and jump for a minute with both legs.



Ball Bounces

Stand straight and hold the ball in front if you. Bounce the ball between your legs and try to catch it with only moving your hands.

The thing is, the harder you bounce the ball the harder it’ll be for you to catch it. This develops hand speed and coordination. Each time try to better yourself by more and more times successfully catching the ball.


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