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How To Build Biceps

How to build biceps? Read on…Biceps are one of the more important and sought after muscles in basketball.

Why? Well first off it doesn’t hurt that your biceps stand out more then anything. Because basketball players wear sleeveless jerseys, the biceps poke out to remind each and everyone just how strong or weak they appear.

That is the main reason why many people come to me and ask how they can build their biceps?

There is a number of different weight exercises designed for building up biceps. Most of these exercises are completed with a dumbbell.

Alternate Hammer Curl


Grab a dumbbell for each hand. Let your arms set straight down. Grip each dumbbell and slowly raise your right forearm until it’s at a 90 degree angle with your bicep. Slowly lower. Then do the same with your left forearm, alternating between each rep. Do 15 reps for each arm. Finish with three sets, raising weight and lowering reps on each set.


Alternate Incline Curl


These curls are very similar to standard curls with dumbbells, only you are doing them on a bench that is inclined. Set the bench at an angle so your body makes about a 45 degree angle.

Alternate between hands, making sure you do 15 reps for each hand. Finish after three sets with higher weights and less reps for each set.


Barbell Curl


Grab a barbell and stand straight up, feet shoulder length apart. Hold the barbell so your arms are the opposite way you would normally hold something. Raise the barbell up all the way to your chin/neck. Slowly lower the barbell back to the starting point of straight arms by your waist.

Continue with 15 reps for the first set, 12 reps for the second, and 10 reps for the third set. Increase weight on each set. Here’s another movement that shows you how to build biceps.


Incline Barbell Curls


Essentially the same movement as the preacher curl, only your arms stay in front of your body and your upper body is supported by the incline bench, thus reducing the chance of cheating. Your biceps will really feel a burn as you lie flat down on your stomach, slowly extending the barbell up to your chin.

Continue with 15 reps for the first set, 12 reps for the second, and 10 reps for the third set. Increase weight on each set.


Cable Hammer Curls


These curls are perfect with a rope attached to a workout machine. Attach the rope to a low pulley. Stand about face forward and about one foot from the machine. Grasp the rope with a palms-in grip and stand straight up. Put your elbows at your side and make sure they stay there. Your elbows should not move. Pull your arms up until your biceps touch your forearms, keeping your palms in a facing in position.

Continue this procedure until you get 15 reps.

Do 2-3 more sets, with increased weight.


Cable Preacher Curls


Another similar type of preacher curl, only it is done with a barbell. Place a preacher bench about two feet in front of a pulley machine.

Attach a straight bar to the low pulley. Sit at the preacher bench with your elbow and upper arms firmly on the bench pad. Keep your elbows and upper arms steady. Pull the weight up towards your shoulders and squeeze at the top. Do not rock your body, the slower the better.

3-4 Sets, with increased weight and less reps on each set.

Try these bicep curls for starters and expand to more complicated exercises or increased reps and weight over time. Stick with a routine similar to this for at least a half year and see if you notice a difference.


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