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Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Are you looking to bulk up and add strength for next season? Looking for ways to build muscle fast? This is it.

That’s great, because added muscle can only improve your game. But where do you start in a crazy world of muscle supplements and workout routines?

If you really want to add bulk fast, muscle supplements are your best option. Ways to build muscle fast start and end with supplements. I know this is tough to recommend, because these supplements do not come cheap and require at least six months of use to see any large results, but they really are necessary.

It is possible to improve strength without muscle supplements, but the results are minimal and not near as noticeable from the outside.

If you really want to look leaner and cut, consider purchasing muscle supplements. While it’s always advisable to contact your local muscle supplement retailer and discuss your needs personally, here is a quick beginner’s guide for athletes.


Supplements Information


Protein: Protein is the leading source for muscle growth. Have you ever heard that it is good to add meat to your diet? Well this is why, because protein is packed in meat that is cooked right and not greasy.

Nitric Oxide: NO2 products increase energy, increase blood flow, and give you extra power when working out.

Glutamine: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and it helps prevents muscle breakdown.

Vitamins: Vitamins are terrific for general health and serve as a healthy diet in addition to muscle supplements.


Creatine: Creatine is a very popular type of muscle supplement and many cite it as one of the quick ways to build muscle fast. Creatine increases strength, lean muscle mass, and energy. I will also note that there is some possible negative side effects to using Creatine. Search “Creatine Health” for more information.

Testosterone: These natural chemicals in the body really control and help muscle growth in men.

Carbohydrates: These special little ingredients are the leading force behind energy. You can find them in bread products and other healthy meals like pasta.


Highly Recommended Muscle Supplements

Want some ways build muscle fast? Here are some of the top recommended products…



Contains a powerful combination of cutting edge mega cycle vitamin and mineral complexes, performance enhancers, lipotropics, and digestive enzymes.


Prolab N-Large 2:

Powerful mass gaining formula designed to pack size on the hardest gainers.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey:

One of the leading protein muscle supplements since way back in the day. This product is great for adding extra mass.


Optimum Glutamine Powder:

The most abundant amino acid is packed full in this supplement, making it 60% more likely to keep added muscle mass.



This product is a hybrid Creatine formula that many people on the market simply love.

EAS 100% Whey Protein:

EAS has been around for ages and is highly endorsed by professional athletes. The product provides optimal muscle growth and peak performance.



The product contains optimal ingredients for lean mass and weight gaining. It’s a very powerful and premium protein gainer.


100% Casein Protein:

Provides a staple intake of protein but at a slower rate and dose compared to other leading muscle supplements.


Muscle Milk:

The product was created with help and aid from some leading scientists in the field of muscle mass. They understood the role of fats in muscle growth and helped create this formula.



The first and only pre-workout supplement that immediately boosts your energy, size, strength, and performance.


Disclaimer: Remember, simply taking muscle supplement will not increase muscle growth and strength. You must use the muscle supplement along with a steady workout regime and stay consistent with the workout program.


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