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Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

If you have been trying desperately to gain muscle especially in your lower extremities to help you rise above the defenders and snag rebounds or throw-down a slam-dunk then we will commence that effort with this muscle building nutrition tips section.

The reason why you have been struggling with gaining muscle in your legs or anywhere else on your body is because you are going about it all wrong. There is a simple method that if use correctly and practiced with diligence and passion will reward you with massive muscles and a firm vertical leap.

Eat Good Leap Good

To round-out this achievement you will need to concentrate on what you are feeding that engine inside your body. A workout routine combined with an excellent and very healthy for you proper nutrition cycle will have you gaining muscle in as little as a few months time.

Great Tip for Leaping

One of the best muscle building nutrition tips that we can offer you today is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables mainly greens and yellows. The reason for this is that vegetables contain a set amount of the USDA recommended daily allowance of certain vitamins and minerals that as a side-by-product to being healthy will also help you to feed the muscle fibers throughout your entire body.

Fast Twitch

If you are not aware of a system referred to as fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fiber growth then let us introduce you to the world of wonderful muscle building. The easiest way to describe to you exactly what a muscle goes through in order to become larger and more powerful and to gain quickness is to describe a short story that happened to me as a young basketball player at the University of Memphis.

Final Four Finally

It was the summer of 1983 and my alma mater, then referred to as Memphis State University was about to embark upon the Final Four trip that would end infamously but at this point in time of the season we were all excited just to be going to the Big Dance and the final of the Big Dance at that, in North Carolina.

Before the trip our strength and conditioning coach put us through the regular wind sprints and the three mile runs after each practice in addition to the required cooling down as we referred to it back then and they still do today, a comment was made about how high I could not jump.

This really bothered me and for the next few days I researched and asked some of the best leapers on the team such as Vincent Askew and the late but great Baskerville Homes how did they get the ability to jump so high and do it so quickly?

Eastern European Method

As I accumulated my answers from these All-American college basketball players and teammates of mine on the Tiger squad one answer struck a chord with me and I am so glad it did. It seems that one of players had utilized in old Eastern European method for gaining muscle by learning all about the fast twitch and the slow twitch muscle reflex actions.

It seems that with this muscle building nutrition tips information that also came with a workout that included a 2 x 4 and a medicine ball I was increasing my vertical jump by 3 to 4 inches right before we left for the Final Four tournament.

As stories go I did not see one play of action or even one second of play in the Final Four series but did play the next year quite frequently and saw a massive improvement in my jumping ability up to the point where I could not slam the ball but grabbed the rim with ease anytime I desired.

I continued with my muscle building nutrition tips research and after an ill-advised 1985 tryout for the Wichita Shockers semi-pro basketball team which I did not make the team with, the coach said that I had good leaping ability. I was very satisfied with that.


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