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By Julian, Chris, and Josh from United States

The game we have made up is lockdown. To play you we a court and a ball. You may want to play in an area in which there is a lot of room.

To start, stand at a point where a free throw shot would be. The first person in line shoots and if he misses, must rebound and shoot from where he rebounded. If he doesn’t make it in 5 shots he is eliminated. If he makes in less than 5 shots, then the next person in line gets a chance to shoot, and needs to make it in equal or less shots it took the person before to make it or else he is eliminated. This keeps going until there is one person left. If someone is eliminated, then the next person has to make in 5 shots.

If there is a situation where a shot is to difficult to make, then you may do a “Free Shot”. A Free Shot allows you to throw the ball so it bounces into a place that allows you to have a much easier shot. You must catch the ball off the 3rd bounce(but you may catch it sooner)or it will be placed where the ball bounces the 4th time.

Any questions on the game and I will answer them. Email address:


The reason the game is named Lockdown is because if someone makes in 1 shot and another person makes in 1 shot, then it is, like, “Locked Down” at 1 shot. With minor changes the game is known as Lockdown.



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