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NBA Live 2010

The NBA Live 10 is available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP thusly covering all available media types. Electronic Arts is the creator of this very-popular basketball video game.

NBA Live 10 (Electronic Arts)

The newest mode to test drive is Dynamic Season. Once the real guys start playing, you’ll be able to play any game on the NBA schedule. Live will merge your results with real scores and stats from the season as it progresses (in other words, you’ll have more control over the outcome of the season than Tim Duncan did in the 2007 playoffs).

The only drawback is that you don’t necessarily stay attached to one squad throughout the process, so there’s not that same connection you feel in franchise mode. The NBA has always been about superstars, but NBA Live still recognizes the importance of the scrubs with new off-the-ball teammate controls.

Using the L2 button, you can make a specific teammate cut to the basket, camp out by the three-point line or set up in the paint.

Sure, you can still be successful as a me-first gamer gunning for big stats, but it certainly helps to get everyone involved.

Combinations of Right and Left Joystick Maneuvers

Luckily, getting teammates involved is so dynamic, because the size-up and Quick strike 2.0 one-on-one moves lack precision controls.

Combinations of right and left joystick maneuvers can get lost in quick gameplay action, especially the step back combo, which often violently launches your ball handler into a backcourt violation.

Emphasis on Elements

Obviously, you can adjust the difficulty level of your opponent, but no matter what setting you choose, the AI will bring defensive intensity. For Live 10, EA placed an emphasis on elements like help defense, double teams and rotations.

While you may be frustrated early, tough competition plays a big role in upping replayability in a sports title.


NBA Live 10

The players move and act more like real athletes than they have in previous builds of Live. Guys hit the floor and sprawl out on drives to the hole. When a player grabs a loose ball near the baseline, he’ll naturally try balancing on one foot while trying to find a teammate to pass to before falling out of bounds.


NBA Live 10 If you’re a certain age, the only thing you think of when you hear Marv Albert’s voice is intense basketball action. (Well, that and bite marks.) While having Marvelous on the play-by-play just feels right, for some reason, he’s paired up with Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr.

Albert and Kerr made one of the best announcing crews when they worked together at TNT, but Kerr hasn’t been at the press table in a couple years and hearing his voice just seems odd.


NBA Live 10

In addition to Dynamic Season, there’s also the new Adidas LIVE run mode online. It’s basically a pick-up game where you can team-up with four other buddies online and challenge other gamers. Track individual and team stats as you try to dominate one of the month-long mini-seasons.

Dynamic DNA picks up where it left off after its debut season last year. Hot streaks, slumps, late-season breakout stars — whether these anomalies are on your team or your opponent’s, they’ll be reflected in each game you play.


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