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“Twenty one” – rebounding and shooting involved

“Twenty one” involves a lot of jumping, shooting and of course, a will to win the game. The winner of this game, is, as you probably guessed, the player who reaches 21 points.

It’s best if you play with 2 other players. No less than that. Okay, here’s how it’s played.

Each player has the same objective. That is to score and reach 21 points. No player has a teammate at any point of the game. You guys play on your own. One player starts with the ball with the objective to score and other 2 players (or more) should stop him from scoring.

If you happen to score, that counts as 2 points and you go to the free throw line and start shooting from there till you miss. From there, each made shot counts as one. Not two.

If you make all the shots and you reach 21 you win. But if you miss, player 2 and player 3 will try to get a rebound and if player 2 gets the rebound, he’ll have to clear the ball beyond the three point line.

And if player 2 now shoots and misses, then whoever gets the defensive rebound will also have to clear the ball beyond the three-point line.

A variation from this can be, if it’s better for you guys, instead of shooting from the free throw line once someone scores, is shoot from the 3-point line. In case you want to practice those 3 point shots maybe.

Have fun.


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