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How To Play Horse

As I said, you probably know this one but, nevertheless, here’s a refresher on how to play horse or better yet, H.O.R.S.E. You need at least 2 players. The more the merrier, up to 5 or 6.

Either you or somebody else should decide the order of turns. For example, you start first. Shoot the ball in any way you want.

The more creative the style the better. And if you happen to make the shot, the better for you and the worse for them. Because, they’ll have to try to make a shot following your style exactly the way you shot the ball from the exact same place. But remember that you can’t repeat your shooting style two times.

Now, if player 2 misses, you get the letter “H”. If you miss the shot at the first place, you will no longer be the “leader” and now player 2 will shoot and decide on the shooting style and all that.

If you make the shot and player 2 misses but player 3 makes the shot exactly the way you did then he’ll be the leader.

If they both miss (say, it’s you and another 2 players), you’ll get the letter “H” and “O”. Get it? The player who gets all the letters, H.O.R.S.E, is the winner.

That’s why making impossible shots it’s great. They’ll have to attempt to do the same and they’ll probably miss. If it’s you and 5 other players, you might win by making one crazy shot.

Be creative, enjoy this game and kick their asses.


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