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Basketball Tryout Drills

It’s that time of the year when there are too many players on your squad and you need basketball tryout drills to decide which players have what it takes.

You can never be too sure and certain that you’ve made the right choice because a lot of times it’s hard to look past those insecurities and self doubts some players have.

Too bad some willing-to-die-for-you players can’t shine in the game because they get “paralyzed” when there’s some pressure on them and they only need little encouragement.

But, that’s why there are some tryout drills you can try. As much as the drills themselves are important it’s always important to notice how the players execute them.

Do they give you a 110% and are they willing to learn? Are they coachable?

You, as a coach, or as a member of the coaching staff, should always look for those little details. How do they interact with others players?

Is there a connection between them and their teammates? Do they complain often about everything?

You need both talented and smart players. Because the talented ones shine on the court and the smart ones, win games. And you need to quickly decide what are the best players to keep.

You may’ve been working on certain aspects of the game for weeks, but now you need a few simple basketball tryout drills that’ll help you decide just that. Well, here’s what I have here…

Power Lay Ups

Line up the players on the baseline. Each and every player will have to show you how many power lay ups he can do in 30 seconds. That means, dribbling from one baseline to the other with full speed without slowing down.

After the lay up, they run to the other baseline and do the same. A little variation of this would be to see how many successful consecutive lay ups they can make, running at full speed. This is so important to decide their stamina, their conditioning, dribbling and more.


I agree that it’s best to watch the players play in real game situations, especially when the game is on the line but with scrimmaging and letting the players play basketball, you can really see, how well they play. You can notice the energy they display. How much they hustle? Are they playing smart?

Rebound And Outlet Drill

The player tosses the ball off the backboard, catches it with a high rebound (as high as he can jump), pivots and throws an outlet pass to the coach. Then the coach would throw long pass for the player to catch as fast as possible. This shows his ability to execute the drill well, his understanding, his vertical leap and more.

Loose Ball In The Middle

This is a great one to see how aggressive players can be. What you do is divide the squad into 2 groups of 4 or 5 players and line them up at each of the baselines.

Then you put the ball in the jump ball circle and on your signal, the first players in line from both ends of the court will have to get the ball and play one on one. The one who gets it, naturally, plays offense. Then the next 2 players will do the same and so on.



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