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Preparing a team with drills

No matter how old or how experienced, every basketball player has to practice basketball drills on a regular basis.

This applies to the youngsters that are just learning the game in addition to the pro ball players that are making a living at the game. And let’s not forget all those in between as well. The truth is, basketball is a hard sport and requires a diverse number of skills. It is also extremely and physically challenging.

That is why it is so important to practice drills in order to get better and increase your conditioning.


Dribbling is the most common skill for every basketball player and it has to be practiced over and over again, no matter how good the player is. Players who lack skill in this area can try to make up for it by learning how to pass and shoot better, but you will not be a major contributor in basketball if you do not have decent dribbling skills.

There are different types of drills you can do to make dribbling easier and increase you ability. Speed dribbling drills require players to dribble long distances without dribbling the ball much. This will let the player and the ball get to the other side of the court quickly and not allow the competition to take the ball away.

Strong Mind

Like any other game or sport, the mental aspect of basketball is as significant as the physical. Drills are used to practice and improve skills, but players must also remain motivated so that they are always practicing at the highest level that their talent allows for and even more.

If player or a team’s performance is less than great during a game it needs to stop there and not be carried over into the next practice, leave it on the COURT. Each practice should be for the team as a unit and the individual to reach a new level. If players are not motivated to go through the drills during a practice that will carry over into a game and they will lack the motivation to go out there and kick some you know what.


Drills help in many different areas of the game and one important area is shooting. Keeping players motivated to practice shooting drills is not hard since most of not all players want to score and the more they practice shooting the better chance they have of scoring in the game.

The shooting drills need to be done at game speed and should be done with a defender in front of them. The majority of the shots you will shoot in a game will be with a defender hanging all over you, thus do it as if you were in the game and the game was on the line.

In short drills are one of the most crucial ways that players can improve their game, as well as develop play together as like a team. By practicing drills, the players will get better conditioning increase their skills. So keep all of this in mind when you’re planning basketball drills.


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