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Youth Basketball Coaching for Young Basketball Players

There is only one reason why I put these youth basketball coaching tips here…

..We all know practice is important and players (especially young ones) who train like maniacs tend to get better. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why I put these youth basketball coaching tips, to get the right mental attitude. Because when we train on our own, we often find excuses not to practice that much. We don’t make it a “must”.

These are some interesting point of views, from the player’s perspective, through some good movies and what you learn from this.

Well, everything is possible when you make it a must. Everything. We all need someone to push us forward. To stretch our ability, to motivate us, guide us, energize us. Call it what you want. I’m talking about a coach. A good coach who’ll truly make the basketball player “stretch”.

From what I’ve learned, I can tell you that the more discipline the coach wants, and the harder he/she makes you work, the better he or she is.

I didn’t really liked my coach back when I was training. He made us jump rope and run for hours. And I was thinking, why should I bother come to practice? Why pay this guy? He only gives me sour mornings. But then I figured, if I were on my own, I really doubt I would’ve trained that hard.

It’s always better to have someone monitor your progress. Someone who regularly makes sure you are moving forward. It can be your buddy. It can be your father. It can be anyone. Find somebody to make you practice like heck.

Ever watched “Coach Carter”? Rent it, if you haven’t seen it. In fact, watch it again anyway. Just for the inspiration.

I’d like to mention the key points coach Carter made in that movie, that will fit perfectly in these youth basketball coaching tips.

You either exercise, or you don’t

You can’t be in between. Don’t take too many breaks, because if you do, you’ll lose your state of mind when you’re improving. You’ll wanna rest some more and eventually, you’ll say to your self. Ahemmm, I think it’s enough for today.

Discipline is king

As far as this tip is concerned, I’m gonna have to say, sorry, but you gotta see the movie to know what I mean. But I will give you this. For some people, discipline means someone is controlling you.

The word “discipline” by itself has a negative meaning to a lot of people. But when dealing with a coach with authority, a coach who walks the talk and a coach who’s been there and done it, you’ll have totally different perspective when looking in the word “discipline”.

It’ll mean to you that you’re actually in control. You decide that today, I’m going to give my best to be the best I can.


better shooting


Yell while you exercise

You don’t have to scream like hell, just be sure to make some sounds or whatever you want to call them, with your tone raised. Thus you release energy and as a result more energy comes through your body. This is not a “must”, of course.

Most of the people don’t do it while they practice but if it’s convenient (if you are alone or you don’t feel awkward) you can try it some time.

It’s not just about winning the game

Yeah, it’s all nice to see the stats and everything but there is more to it. I remember a coach said that, you can win the game but if you don’t give it all and if you are not the best you can be, you’re a loser. On other side, if you lose, but you’ve played the game the best you could and you gave a 100%, you’re a winner.


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