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Killer Basketball Crossovers

What are the killer basketball crossovers?

It’s when you make the crowd go wild. It’s when you blow by a helpless defender who just broke his ankle.

A killer crossover cannot be imitated or done again. It stands forever in the hearts and memories of basketball fans.

Killer basketball crossovers are not for the faint hearted. They are cold, nasty, and the worst nightmare of star defenders. At any given time or moment you could be exposed.

These are the stories of some of the most killer basketball crossover kings of all-time…

Bob Cousy

The OG of killer basketball crossovers and dribbling tricks, Cousy was the first true point guard to infuse tricks and flash into the NBA. Before his time, players would never dare do anything with the basketball besides dribbling it straight up and down. Cousy refined the game and changed the point guard position forever.

While he never gets the respect he deserves, Cousy was a game changer and innovated the sport of basketball much more than anyone before or after him.

Pistol Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete was never accused of being a good defender, but what he really could do is dominate the offensive game. Maravich absolutely killed the offensive stat column on a night to night basis. Maravich was one of the most prolific scorers college and the NBA has ever seen.

But the most overlooked part of his game was the way he could handle the basketball. Pistol Pete was a magician with the ball, constantly playing with the defender’s head. Pistol Pete would bedazzle crowds nightly with his dribbling skills. Unfortunately the coaches and Pistol Pete never saw eye to eye and many viewed his game more suitable for the playgrounds.

Skip to My Lou

Bob Cousy and Pistol Pete helped pave the way for streetball and the stars that could call the blacktop their home. Skip to My Lou (Rafer Alston) was the first true streetball superstar. Blessed with amazing athleticism and ball handling skills, Skip to My Lou became a blacktop legend and helped make streetball popular to the mass public.

Although Alston’s game is well-rounded and he now shines as the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, his game was created off his amazing ball handling skills, including killer crossover moves.



Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce appeared on the streetball scene after Alston and helped expand the popularity of the And1 Basketball Tour. The And1 tour provides outstanding streetball entertainment year round and one of their biggest stars is Hot Sauce.

Hot Sauce is strictly known for his basketball dribbling skills and killer crossover moves. Hot Sauce has burned victims on several occasions, and truly is known as a magician with the ball.

Allen Iverson

You do not get killer basketball crossovers without Allen Iverson. Iverson really innovated the crossover move, and still uses it today as his number one move. For years Iverson has dazzled crowds and left opponents a step behind with his signature crossover. His game even coined the term “broke his ankle.”

Iverson is easily one of the fastest and best crossover dribblers of all-time.

Derrick Rose

Rose is just a rookie, but the high profiled star from Memphis will make a name for himself in the NBA circles. An extremely smooth and talented ball handler, Rose simply makes the game come easy to him and will dominate as a point guard in the NBA for years down the road.

Rose is well on his way to earning NBA Rookie of the Year and has left many unsuspecting defenders behind with his killer crossovers.



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