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3 AND1 Video Clips

These 3 AND1 video clips are from the Mixtapes number 1 and 2. You know, the whole Mixtape Tour has been criticized a lot because of the different rules it suggest.

Additionally, when you look at the way the players “work it”, it’s very similar to the Harlem Globetrotters style and the way they do it.

Some say that when young players are watching the plays and develop, they’ll take a wrong approach. Well, that is subject to debate alright, but personally, I like to think that these guys are doing fantastic job.

It doesn’t matter if they’re similar to anybody because in their own ways, they’re very unique. It really proves that many people can gather around and view the game of basketball as more than just a game.

Because it really is. I know I can’t prove my next statement but I firmly believe it’s true. I feel that, many young talents are being developed, and more and more people get into this game as a result of watching videos like these. I strongly believe that.

better shooting

These Streetball legends rock the playgrounds to the maximum and they inspire us.

AND1 Volume 1 & 2 Highlights – Part 1

AND1 Volume 1 & 2 Highlights – Part 2

AND1 Volume 1 & 2 Highlights – Part 3


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