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Alley oop – How/When it’s done?

There are different kinds of alley oops the AND1 guys do. For example:


You go for the basket and there is a defender waiting for you. He is standing about 6-7 feet in front of the rim. What you can do, is, as you approach him, bounce the ball so hard so that it goes above him. As the ball goes, you go around him, jump, catch the ball and dunk.

This one is pretty fancy and it takes practice but it might work. Because the defender will be expecting for you to bounce it off the board or do something else. But he’ll definitely won’t be expecting it, that you do this hard bounce off the ground.


You can make this move by passing the ball to your teammate. For example.. Your teammate is somewhere near the basket.

Instead of you throwing him the ball the easy way which is to pass him the ball directly, you can bounce the ball off the ground so hard, that it literally goes above your defender and it goes right to the hands of your teammate.


You throw yourself an alley oop by hitting the ball of the board and catching it mid-air and slam dunk it. A lot of NBA players do this as well.

If you watched the 2002 all star game, you’ll know that Tracy Mcgrady threw the ball to himself against 4 players when no one was expecting it (that’s crucial). That’s why you have to do it every once in a while.

This forth one is the same as the third one but only this time, you are bouncing the ball of the glass for your teammate to dunk the ball. Remember, you can’t throw this kind of alley oop if you are too far from the basket.

Do it mostly in a fast break. I’m sure you know that Jason Kidd does this pretty smooth. And again, in a fast break, if you’re going two on one, you can either toss in the air of hit it off the board.


If you’re too far from the basket, it’s better to toss the ball so that your teammate can catch it in mid-air and dunk it. Don’t bounce it off the glass.


Ready for a fancy one? Okay.. Let’s say you’re right handed and you’re going for a fast break. Lift your left leg just enough so that you can switch the ball to your left hand.

But the switch will be under your left leg. So, as you’re switching it immediately toss in the air. Fancy right? Only do it for fun.



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