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Best AND1 Clips

Can you recall when the And 1 phenomenon started out? It was over a decade ago and the names that were associated with that early growth of this now very-popular league and business venture were the Professor and Half-man.

What we do now every once in a while is to go online and check out some of the best And 1clips that are currently slamming their way all across the Internet.

You can do the very same thing and even pick up on a few moves for yourself seeing that you are an up-and-coming basketball player as well. We thought we give you a few tips and tricks to try out on your next time out on the playground hoops or maybe even your high school or college basketball team.

These two And 1 warranted and recommended moves are some that you can practice yourself before unleashing these spectacular spins and trick shots on your unsuspecting opponents on the basketball court.

The Boomerang Play

This is the move that you can do if you are not playing in an organized basketball game since the ball will undoubtedly be picked off by any defender or a quick-footed and quick-handed guard for the other team. To show off and add a little sweet action into your game while you all dribbling around the free-throw line sling the ball hard but straight on a slight incline towards the backboard.

While this will take some practice you will learn how to have it come right back to you and then from that point on you can either take a short jumper or drive the lane for a spectacular layup or slam.

Spinning Ball Move

This is one of the special plays that many of the best AND1 players use all the time while being videotaped for the show. While you are dribbling the ball slide the rock under your shirt and hit it hard so that it goes around you and then falls out after making a complete circle around your body and lands right in front of you.

You will practice this and practice this for days on end until you get it right but when you do you’ll be able to pick up on your dribble as the ball drops and breeze past your opponent hopefully as they stare in their wide-eyed in amazement.

Frozen Ropes

Before you head off to the basketball court to practice these two moves you can first take a look at some of the best And 1 clips that are online today. By looking at these clips and studying the great street basketball players and their moves you will improve your basketball game and even if you just pick up one move that is better that you started out with is it not?


better shooting


Go for It!

Good luck and remember that these And 1 basketball stars started out just like you with minimal skills but a huge heart and a love for the game of basketball.

As you improve your game by playing and learning all about the game of b-ball you will start to develop a sense of your assets and what you need to work on fundamentally as well as the excitability factor. That’s what And 1 is all about in the first place, showmanship. Who is to say that you cannot be the next big-time basketball player in your hood? Dream big play hard.



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