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Allen Iverson Crossover – How To Do It?

Allen Iverson crossover is a synonym for breaking ankles. This is probably what “the answer” is best known for. Of course, he’s a great scorer and all that but when it comes to guarding him, it’s almost impossible not to fall for his crossover.

Even though this is a move from the NBA, I just feel that it can fit in here since this move is used a lot by the AND1 players.

To learn the crossover the way Allen does it, you’ll have to be quick.

Also, if you need to get into shape, and improve your quickness, I suggest running a few sprints, every day.

Start at the baseline and sprint toward the other baseline as fast you can. Then take a 10 seconds brake and sprint again.

The start has to be as fast as it can be. This is really crucial.

It does help if you are smaller due to the fact that dribbling the ball faster is easier but, you can learn how to crossover even if you are relatively tall player.

Here’s how you do the crossover..

If you’re right handed, you start with your left hand. As the opponent approaches give him a big step left while moving your head to the left direction also. And you wanna move your head because this is psychology.

Allen doesn’t do it every time but that’s because he has perfected thecrossover. The psychology is that we all know that the body follows the head. At least subconsiously. And that’s why you’re doing this fake move with your head to the left side.

better shooting

And if the defender bites on it, meaning, if he moves to the left then explode to the right by crossing the ball to your right hand. Blow past him and break his ankle. He won’t know what hit him.

You can be more creative and just switch the ball to your right hand and then again to your left.

When you learn the crossover, going from left hand to the right, you can then try going from right hand to the left.

Also, you don’t have to use the crossover to blow past someone. It can just be to get him off balance just so that you can get an open shot.

Now, be patient. This takes time. It takes practice. You can’t just do thecrossover everytime you wanna go past someone. That way people will recognize you for the crossover, expect you to do the crossover and thus they won’t fall for it.

Watch these two clips to see how Allen Iverson does it..

Here’s a nice compilation of Allen Iverson’s crossovers