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Basketball Crossover Moves

Not so sure where the game is headed. I mean, today’s youngsters wanna learn all about these basketball crossover moves and fancy dribbles.

better shooting


It seems as the time passes there are more and more players that focus on the AND1 moves, or this new crazy shakes and bakes or whatever. Not so sure if it’s for good or bad either. The point is, basketball is fun. I know there are people out there who take it only as winning or losing and I don’t blame them.

Sure, if that’s your goal, go for it. It’s a transition for a lot of us. When I was doing my thing, years ago, basketball was everything to me. I was killing myself, running like a maniac, doing whatever I thought was right.

And I failed. Not because I quitted but because wanted to make this sport more fun to me. I wanted to truly enjoy it. If you don’t catch my drift read my “About Me” page to see what I mean.

And hey, I don’t wanna sound repetitive and talk about the same stuff here because I got the basketball crossover moves all covered…


…and here

This is basically another page on this topic, explaining my perspective and thoughts and giving you another AND1 video on some nasty moves.