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Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleaders

The Milwaukee Bucks cheerleaders, Energee, is one of the most active and exciting dance/cheer teams in the NBA.

The team consists of twenty talented and beautiful Energee! Dancers that has been entertaining and cheering Bucks fans since the 1991-92 season. The squad is under the direction of Lois Wagner Koepke and assisted by choreographer Lynne Molthen.

Their main responsibility is entertaining at the crowd Bucks home games, 81 times each season. The team is also very visible in the community at corporate functions, charity events and other community activities.

They also conduct dance workshops throughout the year that are open to the public. During games the Energee team lives up to its name with high-octane dance routines. They will also participate during timeouts giving away t-shirts, Frisbees and min basketball.

What separates the Energee team from other NBA dance/cheer squads is there extensive public appearances. Besides the games appearance the team averages twelve public appearances per month.

Tacking on home games the team will be performing approximately 20 times per month during the season. The Energee team demands a serious commitment from its dancers, more so than any other team in the NBA.

Most dance/cheer squads only perform at home games but the Buck Energee team has many dates aside form games. They will perform at local colleges, bars, pubs, taverns and bowling and bowling alleys.

They also show up on local radio, local TV and local parades. The Milwaukee Bucks have extensively promoted the Energee dance/cheer squad as an integral part of the team and its outreach efforts to the community. The Energee dance/cheer squad has a very well constructed website with a ton of information. Each member has an in-depth biography. It is not the run of the mill paragraph bio that other teams use.

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The bio covers the usual stuff of age, college years on the team and also covers many topics that give insight into the dancer. This is done for every member of the team. Their bio page is the dancers personal page and includes videos and photos. The team also did a spring break photo shoot. The shoot takes photos of the dancers wearing their favorite vacation bikinis at their fantasy vacation location.

The website as a large gallery of off-court photos of the dancers in street fashion. Miller Lite sponsors the Energee dance/cheer team. Members of the Energee! Dance Team visit with fans in the Miller Lite Home Court each and every game night. They also visit local establishments on behalf of Miller Brewing Company.

The team has also done about a dozen radio interviews with ESPN radio announcing their appearances and answering questions from callers. Another aspect of the Energee dance/cheer squad is the addition of the Seniorgee dance/cheer squad.

The team held auditions and is comprised of men and women who are at least 60 years of age. The senior dancers will perform during selected Milwaukee Bucks home games and other venues.

The team also supports the Jr. Energee dance/cheer squad. They hosted young dancers for their one-day Jr. Energee dance clinic and perform at halftime when the Bucks take on Charlotte Bobcats. Boys and girls ages 6-17, beginners through advanced, were invited to participate. The Dancers received professional instruction by the Energee!

Dancers in 3 exciting dance classes, performed on the Bucks court at halftime in front of thousands of Milwaukee Bucks fans, got two tickets to the a home game, an official clinic T-shirt, and a poster autographed by the Energee! Dance Team.


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