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Famous Los Angeles Lakers Players

You definitely heard about the basketball team Lakers and for sure you know the players comprising the team. Let us tackle about the famous Los Angeles Lakers players.

Any guess?? Let’s categorize it first: The veterans, the remarkable and the most interesting players.

Let us start with the veterans, George Mikan, he was the most famous player in year 1947-56. He points 27.4 per game and 2.9 assist. He had numerous MVP awards yet on season 1953-54 he slowly declined he only points 18.1, 14.3 rebounds and 2.4 assist per game they still managed to win the championship that year under his leadership.

In 1955 Mikan decided to retire because of his family and because of his injuries which he needs to endure just to finish games. During the season where Mikan is not present Lakers were not able to reach t the finals.



In the 1955-56season Mikan decided to play again yet due to his long absence and less practice it affected his play and at the end of the season he retired for good. Mikan really did great in his field he was even declared as the greatest player of the first half of the century.

Next is Elgin Baylor, he was picked by Lakers in 1958 and asked him to directly join the pro rank. He was even paid a high amount of money just to play in Lakers team, it was the last chance of Lakers to brag back the glory they had because they were close to being bankrupt. The risk that Lakers took for Baylor has fortunately paid off.

He had great skills in basketball and has his signature running bank shot. He even became a rookie of the year in 1958-59. He ended his basketball career in year 1971 because of his knee injury. He was one unforgettable player because he was the last of the great undersized forwards in the league.

Some of the remarkable and most famous Los Angeles Lakers players would be Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy.

Jerry West is one of the best guards in the league, he reached 2500 points and he was an all star every year of his career. Yes every year therefore in his 14yrs of being a professional player he never missed one single year as an All Star player.

Wilt Chamberlain is undeniably one of the most famous as well as remarkable basketball player, he was one of the tallest player in his time. He was the only player who scored 100 points in the NBA game.

Gail Goodrich is known for scoring 42 points in the 1965 NCAA championship game and he was part of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was known for his nickname stumpy he was called by his teammates stumpy because of his height.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is considered famous because of his awesome achievements. He was once a Rookie of the year, a member of 6 NBA championship team, he was an NBA MVP for 6 times and a 2 time MVP during the NBA finals. He also had 8 playoff and 7 All Star record.

James Worthy was one of the 50 greatest player in NBA history. He was called Big James because of his height which is 6’11’’. He was a 7 time NBA All Star player.

The interesting and most famous Los Angeles Lakers players would be Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant. Magic Johnson is interesting not just only because of how great he was as a player but also because of the reason why he retired. He was one of the best point guards during his time.

He was once an MVP and won 5 championship games. He retired in 1991 because he was infected by HIV but after several years he played again but due to people’s protest he retired for the 2nd time. In 1996 he decided to play again and after the season he retired for good.

Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant tandem was definitely a blast. Though there were rumors that the 2 doesn’t get along well, their play and strategies is undeniably amazing.

O’neal, in his 8 years stay as a member of Lakers team they won 3 consecutive NBA titles. Due to some issues O’neal demanded a trade to other team, and that ended the O’neal-Bryant tandem.Kobe Bryant was the center of the Lakers team after O’neal left. He continues to lead the team up to the present. He had an impressive 81 points during his game against Toronto Raptors. He also was awarded the MVP numerous times.

Did you guess some of the most famous Los Angeles Lakers players? I’m pretty sure about it because up to now Lakers as well as its members are in the peak of their career.



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