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tere basketball

by Austin rivers
(la california usa)

austin river 6,4
number 25

Strengths: Rivers is a 6’4 guard with enough size and length (6’7 wingspan) to function as both a PG and a SG … A good athlete, with excellent fluidity and agility, and adequate explosiveness, speed, and quickness … Really good at changing speeds, and displays more of a smooth, controlled game than most players his age … Great 1st step … Shows sound ball-handling skills, and has few problems creating for himself off the bounce … A natural scorer … Able to score at all 3 levels very well …Very good shooting skills, with NBA range already … Is a threat to make jumpshots off the dribble from as far as 25 feet, which is intriguing … Plays with aggressiveness, and is a playmaker with the ball in his hands … Clever finisher around the rim, who utilizes reverses and the net and rim to shield shot-blockers from the ball … Uses floaters and pull-up jumpers well when cut off by defenders before he makes it all the way to the hoop … Can score in bunches, and is fearless about getting his shots up … Pretty good pick and roll player … Can certainly play up-tempo, and fits well in an offense that runs … Also good in isolation, as a threat to shoot, pull-up, or get in the paint … Not bad basic passing skills, and will find teammates if the D collapses on him … Can get steals on D and isn’t afraid of jumping in the passing lanes … Enjoyed an outstanding HS career, and scouts have been keeping an eye on him virtually since he was a Soph. in HS … Has a very strong pedigree with his father, Doc, being one of the elite head coaches in the NBA with the Boston Celtics … Reportedly has a good work ethic, and he has put on considerable weight and gotten stronger over the past year

Weaknesses: Although Rivers is very aggressive, he also can be selfish and ball-dominant at times … Prone to pounding the ball and overdribbling looking for his shots … Often demonstrates poor shot selection, shooting shots out of range of normal offense or under duress … Is also used to trying to shoot himself out of slumps, and settling for contested jumpers off the dribble … Physically, Rivers is pretty mediocre for an NBA guard … He’s a bit of a tweener guard, although he’s more of a SG and has enough size to play there … Doesn’t show great floor vision, and often looks to pass as a last resort … At times, Rivers will pout and show bad body language on the court. He’s developed a bit of a prima donna attitude which hopefully will change as he matures … A fairly nondescript defender, who hasn’t been known to compete hard on that end … His potential on D is also limited .


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