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Dwayne Wade Pictures

This is a gallery of 20 Dwayne Wade pictures. The heart of the Miami Heat. Ask a fan in Miami about his or her favorite player and you’ll most likely get the same answer.

He’s the “Flash” because you can see him at both ends of the court.

He got drafted as the 5th pick in 2003 and no one really had some high expectations about him. In 2006 he was in his prime time, with his steady hand and crucial shots, he managed to pull his team and bring it at the top of the world.

The reason why he chose number 3 is, as he says, that that number represents the Holy Trinity. Dwayne Wade’s jersey was the hottest item on the market for 2 years. D.Wade endorses products from Gatorade to Converse to Topp. Here’s Flash.